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Goodbye to Gazumping: Move iQ Collaborate With Gazeal

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Buying and selling homes just got a facelift.

We’re moving towards a faster, more secure process that reduces the risk of disappointed sellers and heartbroken buyers.

For too long, those moving home have been left out of pocket and out of options. Not anymore.

Move iQ are collaborating with Gazeal to transform the face of property. We’ve got the solution – and here’s what it means for you.

“Whatever the market conditions, the real culprit is the legal blind spot in the way homes are bought and sold in England and Wales. A legal system that allows buyers or sellers to abandon a sale a day before exchange has always been a point of contention.

That’s why Move iQ has teamed up with Gazeal, who offer a legally enforceable contract at the very start of the process. Allowing sellers and buyers to agree a deal that has legal force right from the start; can spare weeks of uncertainty and prevent frustration and expense–all symptoms of gazumping and gazundering.

Not only that but it’s also good for the traditional estate agent who can often be left with no fee despite committing huge amounts of time and effort on behalf of their client.” – Phil Spencer

What is Gazeal?

Gazeal is the revolutionary property exchange system. It aims to minimise the risk of unsuccessful sales and high transaction costs.

It can dramatically reduce the time between offer and exchange, speeding up what can be a long and drawn out process.

If that wasn’t enough, it can legally bind buyers and sellers into the deal on offer, when the Buyer agrees to pay a Reservation Deposit to the Seller if he withdraws, which Gazeal guarantee!

This aims to wave goodbye to the days of uncertainty or wasted time and money.

“Gazeal is all about making the process of buying or selling clearer and less intimidating, and Move iQ have exactly the same aim, so we are delighted to be working with them as part of our joint mission to improve the experience of the property market for all parties involved!” – Duncan Samuel of Gazeal

Why do you need it?

There are a number of reasons why this benefits buyers and sellers alike. After all, who wants to be trapped in the limbo of being unable to buy and unable to sell?

More secure

1 in 3 property deals fall through, even after an offer has been made. This works out to around 300,000 in total per year. Around 35% of these happen in the first 3 weeks after acceptance.

A failed sale costs an average of around £2,727! *Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Gazeal aims to put a stop to this – and find the solution buyers and sellers are looking for. It can bind both parties into the deal, meaning neither can abandon the sale.

The result? Security and peace of mind for everyone involved.

No nonsense

Buying a property can feel like a minefield, the same goes for selling. It’s one of the most stressful and expensive things you can do in your life.

The last thing anyone needs in this situation is time wasters and unexpected surprises, such as gazumping or gazundering!

Gazeal cuts this out – taking a no nonsense approach to moving house.


Both buying and selling are expensive times – so it’s easy to see why many would try and avoid any more spending.

However, you can use Gazeal for £250.

Easy to understand

This is a handy, straightforward system that strips back the jargon and speaks in words we can all understand.

It can be used as help for first time buyers, or those who have done it before. Let’s face it – we all could do with a little help when it comes to property!

How does it work?

Like what you hear? Here’s a breakdown of how it all works:

  • Gazeal makes the property process faster and easier for buyers by gathering information up front and making it available to them before offers are made
  • For sellers, it gathers all the necessary information and searches from the moment the property is listed
  • Both parties can be legally bound to the sale – committing early on in the process
  • Buyer and seller only pay on completion

That’s it in a nutshell! Simply ask your estate agent if they use Gazeal to get started.

Why do Move iQ care?

We’re dedicated to making the home buying process as simple as possible for everyone involved. Efficiency is key to a successful sale.

Particularly for first time buyers, who are arguably the most vulnerable in the property market, this is a step in the right direction. This makes buying a home safer, easier and more straightforward – three must-haves for any smooth sale.

We’ve made it our mission to lower the average age of first time buyers, so this process is a breath of fresh air, adding a layer of protection and certainty.

Even for those who have done it before, it can feel like it never gets easier! So, a simple solution such as this one is something we fully support.

Let’s take the next step

From start to finish, we’re here to help you through the moving home process.

We’re here to lend you a hand through the property minefield, one step at a time!

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Last Updated: July 30th, 2021

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