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Our conveyancing solicitors

When buying or selling, the right legal advice is key. It can help ensure a smooth purchase or sale, ensuring you have an experienced individual to help strip back the legal jargon and make sense of the paperwork.

This is why at Move iQ, we only work with the best professionals. Each one has experience in the property industry; essential for getting the job done properly.

Conveyancing cost

When it comes to solicitor quotes, many are worried about expense. This is why some home buyers and sellers try and go at it alone, without expert guidance.

However, this can throw up its own set of problems later on down the line. The key is ensuring you’re getting a good deal – not just choosing the first conveyancing firm you see.

With Move iQ, if your sale or purchase falls through, you won’t be charged legal fees. This means you can continue your search without paying money unnecessarily.

We don’t compare conveyancing quotes, instead, we allow you to access the best deal from the start.

Services provided

Whether you’re buying, selling or remortgaging your property, we can help you find a conveyancer to deal with your needs.

Our experts offer:

  • Sale and purchase
  • Remortgage
  • Sale
  • Purchase

So, whether you’re a first time buyer who needs help or you’re moving home for the second time – we’ve got a professional for you.

How does it work?

Simply fill in our online form to receive your quote for solicitor fees.

You’ll be asked the type of service you require, the property address and its value. We’ll then need a few more property details, such as whether it’s a new build or auctioned.

After that, simply fill out your own personal details – it’s as easy as that!

You can also enquire about your quote for conveyancer fees by phone if you prefer, on 0333 202 6461 (calls charged at local rates).

GOTO Group

Our solicitors and licensed conveyancers are provided by GOTO Group. They work with over 600 independent professionals that we can connect you with.

Based in Northern Ireland, England and Wales, they take care of all your home moving needs. From residential conveyancing quotes to removals, they’ve got it all covered. Their customer service is simply unparalleled – which is why we’re happy to work with them to bring you everything you need.

Their solicitors are all highly experienced – which should give you peace of mind during what’s a highly stressful and difficult time for anyone. Each conveyancer is highly transparent – keeping you in the loop at every stage in the journey.

What happens during the house conveyancing process?

Need conveyancing explained to you? Many are in the same boat – it’s tough knowing exactly what goes on in this process.

In fact, there’s plenty to get your head around – which is why it’s so essential to have a legal professional on your side.

Some of the jobs your solicitor will undertake include:

  • Being the point of contact for your mortgage lender
  • Liasing with the other solicitor
  • Organising deposit transfers
  • Forwarding legal documents to the Land Registry
  • Dealing with transfer deeds
  • Agreeing completion dates
  • Reading and making sense of all paperwork
  • Exchanging signed contracts
  • Calculating and paying Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Running property searches

This isn’t an exhaustive list – but it gives a good indication of the amount of work involved.

Do you need a solicitor?

To give yourself the best chance of having a smooth property sale or purchase, it’s recommended to instruct the help of a professional.

As mentioned above, the number of different tasks involved with conveyancing is enormous. Particularly if you’ve never done this before, it’s essential you find a solicitor.

You could end up falling into an unfair agreement, or having an unsuccessful home move.

This isn’t to say a solicitor will ensure everything goes smoothly – as 1 in 3 property transactions fall through, even after exchange. However, it will minimise risk and ensure you have an experienced professional on your side – taking care of your needs.

Other services we offer

We’re here to ensure you have everything you need to navigate the property minefield.

Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, it’s always handy to have the right help on your side.

Mortgage quotes

We also provide mortgage quotes online – for free.

Those buying a house can hunt for properties knowing exactly what they can and can’t afford. This minimises the risk of lengthy, drawn-out searches while ensuring you don’t waste your time looking at homes you can’t afford.

Once you’ve submitted your requirements with us, we’ll connect you with an adviser for free.

Request a Mortgage Quote Here

Removal quotes

Using a professional company when moving house will mean your belongings are insured and properly looked after in the process.

Those looking for removal quotes online can use our service, completely for free.

Whether you’re moving to a small or large property, we can help you find the right person for the job.

Get Removals Quotes Here

Survey quotes

You can also find survey quotes for free on our site – as we’ve made it our mission to ensure everything you need is under one roof.

Those buying a house are highly recommended to get a property survey, as you never know what problems could be lurking that you can’t see. Spending a little money at first can save you in the future, while providing peace of mind.

Connect with a Surveyor Here

Property report

You can change many aspects of a property – but not the area it’s in. However, the location will play a significant role in how much you enjoy living somewhere – if at all.

Particularly if you’re moving somewhere you’ve never lived before, it’s highly advisable to get the facts first.

From crime rates to local schools to nearby planning applications, there’s an abundance of information you’ll want to know before you buy.

A property report can collect all of this for you – and much more. Get yours below.

Get Your Property Report Here

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