The 10 Cheapest Places to Buy a House in the UK

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Sticking to a tight budget but hoping to get your foot on the property ladder?

We’ve done a little digging for you to help you understand a little more about each of the areas listed as the 10 cheapest places to buy a house in the UK.

All are based on the average price of a one-bed flat.

10. Derby – average price £81,677

The most expensive on our list, but still remarkably cheap in comparison to some parts of the UK, is Derby.

Here, you’ll find the best of both worlds. The city boasts some stunning architecture, home to a number of cultural buildings, such as Gothic Derby Cathedral – perfect for those who enjoy discovering new landmarks. Alongside this, those looking for a lively atmosphere are in luck too. The city is home to a number of exciting events throughout the year- such as the annual Derby Folk Festival.

Those looking for a bite to eat often head to the Cathedral Quarter, a popular hotel known for its delicious and innovative take on fine dining.

Plus – it’s also famous for its football, with team spirit bringing the local community together.

Need some first-time buyer advice? If you’re looking to own a home, you might be in the right place. The average sale price sits at £81,677.

9. Wirral – average price £79,191

In Northwest England, sitting on the boundary of England and Wales, is Wirral, a borough of Merseyside.

If you’re tempted to pack your bags and move to the Wirral, you might be wise to bring a bike with you. You’ll find plenty of its residents cycling around town! Those seeking a relaxed and laid back atmosphere will be in the right place. But, it’s also closely located to the buzzy city of Liverpool, meaning that those looking for a change of scenery can easily find one.

Picture Wirral, and you might automatically think of its landscapes. This is for good reason, as the borough is known for its beaches and beautiful countryside. Unsurprisingly, this means Wirral is hugely popular for those looking for short mini breaks and holidays.

But, for those looking to stay a little longer, there’s good news. First-time buyers, or indeed any hopeful homeowners, can own a property much more easily here, thanks to the average price of a one-bed flat coming in at £79,191. This makes it one of the more affordable areas in the United Kingdom.

8. East Riding of Yorkshire – average price £77,134

East Riding of Yorkshire, or just East Riding, boasts rich local history and traditional architecture. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll find its beaches welcome many families each and every year.

Despite this, the town hasn’t become a soulless tourist trap, but a charming and friendly county where plenty have lain down their roots. If you’re looking to do the same, a one-bed flat will cost you around £77,134.

East Riding remains somewhat off the beaten track, which has allowed it to retain a sense of classical English heritage. Everywhere you look there’s another piece of ecclesiastical architecture – which appeals to many. But, you’re not completely isolated. East Riding is only a short train ride away from the bigger and livelier Hull!

7. Kirklees – average price £72,035

Struggling to save for a house deposit? Maybe you’re based in the wrong area. In Kirklees, the average price for a one-bed flat is £72,035.

But, this isn’t all this district of West Yorkshire has to offer. In fact, far from it. While low house prices are tempting, there’s plenty more to shout about here.

Kirklees is the largest town in Huddersfield, which has been described as ‘the new Leeds’. You’ll find a rich cultural scene with a particular passion for music – as well as real community spirit.

If this isn’t enough to draw you in, the town is ideally located near the Peak District, making it perfect for those who love being out in the English countryside.

6. Wakefield – average price £71,709

Apart from an average one-bed flat price of £71,709, what else has Wakefield got going for it?

Lots – in fact. This West Yorkshire town might not be famous for being a beauty, but it’s hugely arty. Creative types often hang out at the cafe in Hepworth, where you can enjoy tasty food and hand-crafted coffee while discussing one or more of the many exhibits.

Those who need to commute for their job are also in luck. The town is well-connected, serviced by a number of regular fast trains and public transport links.

5. Sandwell – average price £69,050

Located in the heart of the West Midlands, Sandwell is known for its award-winning parks, historic buildings and family-friendly community.

Spanning six towns, Sandwell also recently hit headlines for its recent investment to improve cycling routes.

To top it off, the county also boasts an average house price of £69,050. This is great news for those looking to get the most bang for their buck.

This value for money comes in other ways too. The price of a night out is half of that found in London, and there are many exciting job opportunities to be found that have been sparked by a number of businesses flourishing here. So, it’s not just low house prices to take advantage of.

4. North Tyneside – average price £68,713

Home to award-winning beaches, an ancient castle on the seafront and quirky hangout spots – there isn’t much to find wrong with North Tyneside.

Whether it’s enjoying a slice of cake in one of the traditional English tea rooms, or having a go at surfing, this North of England town appeals to a diverse range of residents. Even if the English weather lives up to expectations, there’s still plenty to do – North Tyneside doesn’t rely on its beaches for its only appeal.

To top it off – the property prices are hugely tempting. If you want to settle down here in a one-bed flat, you’ll need around £68,713. The sea views are free of charge, and some of the best you’ll find in the North East.

3. Bradford – average price £64,768

We’re heading to West Yorkshire again as we reach our final three of cheapest house prices in the UK. This time, we’re shining a spotlight on Bradford.

The town has worked hard to shed its somewhat negative reputation, largely created as a result of poor relations with the neighbouring Manchester and Leeds. If you can look beyond the bad press, Bradford has a lot to offer its residents.

Home to cobbled streets, traditional Victorian buildings and great theatres – there’s more to this town than what meets the eye!

If only to prove this, you can buy a one-bed flat for £64,768!

2. Blackpool – average price £63,012

Just missing out on the top spot is Blackpool. Here, a one-bed flat sells for an average of £63,012.

Blackpool is arguably one of the most famous seaside towns in the UK. Most of us who live in the UK associate it with the holiday season. So, you might not think of it as the place to head to find cheap house prices. But, you’d be wrong!

However, it wouldn’t be a worthy recipient of second place if this was all it had to offer. Luckily – there’s plenty here.

Home to a number of great primary schools, a well-connected tram service and a friendly atmosphere, it’s little wonder Blackpool has established itself as one of the greats in England’s coastal towns.

Plus, if you’re fond of a stick of rock – you’ll find yourself right at home.

1.Newcastle-under-Lyme – average price £62,519

Taking the top spot is Newcastle-under-Lyme!

Sitting just outside of Stoke, here you’ll find a number of friendly locals running at their own relaxed pace, making it an appealing place to settle down.

But, don’t let this fool you into thinking there’s nothing going on. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

The city is home to a number of traditional, real-ale pubs and vintage festivals. Plus, the current employment rate sits at 78.0%, which is higher than the national average.

Of course, the reason it’s a worthy winner on this list is because a one-bed flat will cost you £62,519.

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