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Move iQ Pro

A Bespoke Video Marketing Solution for Agents

Elevate Your Local Expertise with our Move iQ Pro’s Video Marketing Solution!

Are you ready to stand out in your local housing market with cutting-edge video content? Move iQ Pro is your game-changer!

At Move iQ, we understand that the national housing market is a tapestry of unique micro-markets, we are constantly educating our audience to look for local data and insight.

So sharing the ins and outs of your local area with local audiences isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. That’s why we’ve crafted a solution that not only promotes your market knowledge but also showcases your expertise – all with the help of industry leader, Phil Spencer.

Our video marketing solution is a bespoke video marketing service designed to keep you a step ahead in your local market.

Here’s what we offer:

> Bespoke Local Market Reviews: Receive monthly or quarterly videos that review your local market, leveraging the latest data from Dataloft Inform and sharing your invaluable local insights.

> Professional Production: Forget about the hassle of scripting and editing. Our team will write, prepare, produce, and deliver market-leading review videos for you.

> Personalised Branding: Boost your brand recognition with a personal introduction from Phil Spencer at the start of each video.

> Exclusive ‘How To’ Guide: We provide a comprehensive guide and share our tips on how to optimise your video content on YouTube, so you can get maximum visibility and engagement with your videos.

> Multi-Platform Sharing: These videos aren’t just for YouTube. Share them across your social media channels to establish yourself as THE local expert in your local housing market.

> Feature on Phil Spencer’s Move iQ: Once you’ve published your video content on your YouTube channel, they are then re-shared via a dedicated playlist on Phil Spencer’s Move iQ YouTube channel to our national audience.

Currently available to Propertymark members. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy and save precious time. You can focus on what you do best – closing deals and providing property expertise to your clients.

Tune in to hear Phil explain:

How to Access Move iQ Pro

For Propertymark member agents interested in harnessing the power of video marketing in property through Move iQ Pro, contact Alex Wilson, Partnerships Manager: [email protected] or complete the form below.

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