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Are you absolutely sure you’ve found the right property? We’ve partnered with a leading data provider to help you decide! All you need is a postcode. Get your property report below – you’ll be taken to our data provider’s site…

Knowing vital property-specific and local area information about somewhere you’re set to call ‘home’ is too often overlooked. What is the property report about? A Move iQ property report helps you form a rounded opinion on the suitability of a specific property you may be considering.

Get Your Property Report

Property Report Discount

Get the property FACTS before you make an offer! If you’re considering a number of properties as part of your property search, be sure to take advantage of our report discounts when you buy 3 or 5 Full Spencer Property Reports. Check our report discounts and save yourself considerable time and money.

Property Report Discount

What will your property report tell you?

Hassle-free, in-depth and easy to read – we’ve made property research easy.

However much you love a property, the surrounding area has a significant bearing on how enjoyable it is to live somewhere. For this reason, we’ve partnered with a leading data provider to bring you all the important information you need for moving home with confidence.

Is it worth buying a property report? Here’s a taste of the information you’ll find in your report…

Property details

What information would you like to learn about the property itself? Your property report will include:

  • Title plan map 
  • Satellite map
  • Boundary map
  • Property overview
  • Photo gallery
  • Floorplan
  • EPC


You’ll see the Land Registry Title Plan (house garden, outside spaces, parking) as well as the boundaries for your property and its postcode. This allows you to get an idea for the area it draws local market data from. A satellite view is also included. 


From the number of bedrooms to council tax bands to mobile and broadband speeds, all the key details you need about a particular property will be compiled together. This includes Land Registry data such as tenure, title number and when it was last sold. 

Your report will contain a variety of photos from both the interior and exterior of the property.


While house floor plans shouldn’t necessarily be taken at face value, it’s important to have this information at your fingertips. You’ll find them included within your property report with some top tips on how to interpret them. 


An energy performance certificate rating will inform you of how energy efficient a property is, and how much you can expect to pay in bills. A is the best rating and G is the worst.

Planning applications 

Your property report will contain a planning map; valuable property information. You have a right to know about planned building works before you buy a property! These can significantly impact its value later down the line. 

You’ll be able to easily access details about what planning is getting approved in the area, and I share my advice on how you can use this information in your decision making, and also negotiations.

Property value

It’s important to be aware that when it comes to value, it’s all about Location, Location, Location. 

Your report can help you gauge what you deem to be a fair price for a property, containing information on: 

  • Listing comparables for the area
    • Recently sold
    • Under offer
    • To let
  • Property price estimates
  • Local crime rates 
  • Local schools & Ofsted ratings 
  • Transport links

What’s in your property report?

Some of this data is optional. You have 3 property report types to choose from:

  • Property Key Facts Report – this is the lightest option, containing only essential property information. So, for example, if information on local schools isn’t relevant to you, it doesn’t have to be included!
  • Property & Local Area Key Facts Report – this contains vital information on the property and the local area, such as recent ‘sold’ prices nearby
  • The Full Spencer – this contains everything found in the two mentioned above, but also even more in-depth information, such as local schools and transport links

What to do with all the information in your property report 

Our reports are easy to read – but we also provide advice and guidance on how to use the information for your own needs within them.

A report highlights the positives as well as the negatives, helping you to make a balanced and well-informed decision. It’s designed to help you move with confidence and get a better deal in the process. 

It should be a deciding factor when it comes to knowing when to make an offer, walk away, or negotiate a house price lower. The information included can be highly useful when it comes to haggling, as they’ll give you a feel for how much a home is actually worth.

What are the benefits of a property report?

Remember – where you buy is just as important as the property itself. Far too many hopeful buyers focus largely on the property price and its characteristics, while unwittingly ignoring the bigger picture.

Consider a variety of different factors, such as transport links, any disruptive building works or high crime statistics. The physical property itself is one thing, but what about everything around it? This should be an important consideration when it comes to your dream property.

Research is the best way to arm yourself with as much information as possible, before you part with your cash. Luckily, we’ll do the hard part for you!

Remember, location can increase property value also.

Ready to move with confidence?

A property report isn’t the only thing you’ll need for a smooth sale. A good solicitor is also a must, helping you to navigate the complicated processes, negotiations and paperwork. We can connect you with the right person from our experienced, trusted panel. 

Get in touch with a conveyancing solicitor below. 

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