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How to Sell Before Christmas – 10 Top Tips

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Is it possible to sell your home before Christmas? Yes, if you’re organised, and select the right estate agent. Don’t leave things to chance. Here are 10 top tips on what to do to give you the best chance to sell before Christmas.

1. Plan your sale before Christmas

As we always say preparation is key, especially if you’re selling and buying. The more organised you are now; the smoother things will be. Following a pre-moving checklist can help you stay on track.

Top Propertymark agent tip:

Check your land registry title as this can often show anomalies which can be resolved at the outset and before you find a buyer” and

“Get all your paperwork in order as this can help cut down the overall time taken and get to exchange quicker – this can shave off up to 4 weeks which helps make the whole process less stressful.”

2. Be prepared

People buy houses all year round, even over the Christmas period. Don’t procrastinate thinking Christmas will put off a buyer. Buyers are always actively looking. Christmas can be a great time to sell your home, so get ahead by getting prepared.

Declutter to be able to sell before Christmas

To give yourself the best chance and capture a buyer’s attention, smarten up your home. First impressions count when selling houses, especially around the Christmas period, when evenings are darker, and our homes are ‘busier’ than normal.

Top tip: “Make sure your home stands out brightly with solar lights enhancing front and rear gardens”.

Take a good hard look at your belongings. Now is the time to get rid of those items you no longer use. Whether you sell items on eBay or donate to a charity shop, turn that storage room back into a bedroom.

Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. They need to see the space, which is much harder to do when a room is packed full of stuff.

Finish neglected DIY

Sort out those little DIY jobs you’ve been putting off. A lick of paint can work wonders, as can a deep clean. Give your outside space some love and attention – don’t underestimate the importance of curb appeal.

3. Choose the right estate agent to sell before Christmas

Choosing an estate agent can feel daunting. This is your most valuable asset, so you want to ensure you instruct the right agent to sell it for you.

Ask three to four agents round to view your home and discuss the detail with each of them. As well as feeling comfortable with setting the right asking price, are they qualified and can you work with them?

It might feel easy to choose the cheapest option, but this will soon backfire if your home doesn’t sell. A good agent is worth their weight in gold.

Look for a qualified agent

Instructing an agent who is a member of a professional organisation like Propertymark means you will be represented by someone who is qualified and regulated.

A safe pair of hands throughout the entire process is essential not to mention reassuring. A quality agent will spot an issue and deal with it before the ‘issue’ becomes a ‘crisis.

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4. Price realistically to sell before Christmas

Setting an over-ambitious asking price will put buyers off. Price competitively and you will attract more interest. Work with your agent on this to ensure you price realistically and agree on a strategy for negotiation should a buyer make you an offer.

5. Appoint your solicitor

Top Propertymark agent tip: “Instruct your solicitors when you go to market and complete the Property Information Questionnaire at the point of instruction. The masses of paperwork you will receive from solicitors is not only scary to some but can take a couple of weeks or more to turn round. This can easily add a long unnecessary delay once a sale in put together.”

Solicitors will not do anything until they have a file open, that includes AML (Anti-Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Client) checks.

If the solicitor is ready the day the sales memorandum lands on their desk, they can be up and running immediately saving weeks of inactivity.”

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If you’re not familiar with the local solicitor “ask your estate agent for honest feedback about them. A local conveyancer is often more reachable in person which can help save time with hand delivering documents rather than waiting on the postal service” Propertymark agent.

6. Be flexible and honest with your agent

The number of viewings it takes to sell a house will vary. But the more interested homebuyers you can get through the door to view your home the better.

“Be flexible with allowing viewing times. The more access your estate agent has to show the property the more opportunity you will have to receive an offer.”

Also, “be honest with your estate agent about your plans and timescales as they can ensure they help you select a buyer who is able to help you achieve your timescales from the start.” Propertymark agent.

7. Know your buyer

Your agent will advise you on the type of buyer your home is likely to attract. So when you prepare your home for viewings, you should present key features to these buyers. For example, if it’s families then turn the office room into a bedroom so they can see a family home.

8. Let your agent do their job

Let your agent lead on viewings and answer any questions from potential buyers, as well as handle any negotiations on your behalf.

You’re paying your estate agent for their professional expertise, so let them do their job.

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9. Choose the right buyer to be able to sell before Christmas

Choosing the right buyer is important if you want to sell before Christmas. The highest offer may not necessarily be the most suitable buyer for your property. There can be other issues at play. For example: have they got a mortgage in principle, are they chain free…

Your agent will advise you of the most suitable buyer who is organised and in a position to proceed.

10. Plan for moving day

Be prepared for a quick sale and don’t get caught off guard. Get a competitive removals quote and get your packing boxes organised so you can ready yourself for moving day.

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Last Updated: January 3rd, 2024