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In the UK, moving house can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for removal quotes from AnyVan, we’ll make sure to find the best quote for you. We’ve got the expertise that’s needed to ensure that your move goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

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How do these online removal quotes work?

Enquiring is free, and you’ll be contacted by an expert from our trusted panel. Filling out the form takes a matter of seconds, and all we need is a few details from you – then we can be on our way!

Find your house removals service

When it comes to moving day, you’ll want to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. There’s so much to do – it’s always handy to have a professional removals firm to help!

We can connect you with the right people for the job – whether you need a full removal service or a man with a van.

Full removal service

If you want moving day to be as easy as possible, a full removal service might be for you. A professional removal company completes all aspects of your physical move, from packing your items, loading and transporting, all the way through to unpacking at the other end. 

Quotes for a full house removal might be at the higher end of the scale, but it saves you a lot of graft!

Part removal service – man with a van

Similarly to full removals, part removal or a man with a van service will load, transport and unload your possessions. However, you won’t receive assistance with the packing and unpacking of your moving boxes. For this reason, part-service removal quotes are usually much cheaper than those for full service.

Compensation cover is also included.

House removals cost

So, let’s talk numbers, how much do home removals cost?

Prices start as low as £59. All quotes provided are highly competitive – and you won’t be charged for your inquiry. The exact price it will cost you depends entirely on your specific situation, such as house size and the number of belongings, but this will be explained in greater detail when you request a removal quote online. 

You should check that your moving quote includes extras such as insurance, packing materials, a packing and unpacking service if required, etc. If not, you should find out in advance how much extra this will cost.

Our moving company

We work with the UK’s favourite moving service, AnyVan. They are specialists in home removals, even international removals, promising high quality and affordability every time.

They can cater to a variety of house sizes – from one-bed to six or more. Large furniture or heavy belongings are also welcome.

Another bonus is the flexibility. You can select the date and time that suits you, ensuring you receive the service you require.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be easier to get removal quotes online from house moving companies.

Simply fill in our form with all the necessary details – such as the size of your current property and the one you’re moving to.

After that, you’ll need to fill out some personal information.

You’ll be put in touch with someone from AnyVan who will provide you with a competitive house removal quote for free.

Why should you use a professional removal company?

There are many reasons why it’s important to use removal vans companies instead of going at the job alone.


If you choose to move yourself, without the help of our professional, it’s likely your possessions won’t be covered by your insurance when in transit.

This means that if something is damaged, you’ll have no protection.

Using a company or service such as AnyVan ensures this won’t happen – looking after your belongings throughout your move.

Quick and easy

Using professional help takes the hassle out of moving day.

A moving company will get the job done much quicker and more easily than you would on your own.

With so much to focus on when it comes to your move – it’s always handy to have a dedicated team on your side.

They have a range of box sizes for all your different belongings – so you can let them get on with the job while you focus your attention elsewhere.

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Peace of mind

Many of us are looking to save money on our move

However, should this be the only priority?

Using a removals company will give you peace of mind – you’ll know that your needs are being looked after and your belongings are in safe hands. Obtaining a comprehensive online removal quote should also help you to avoid unexpected costs down the line. 

Who are AnyVan?

AnyVan provide expert removal and courier services at affordable prices. They’ll connect you with the right people to make moving home stress and hassle-free. Whatever your needs and budget, they’ll find the right people for the job.

AnyVan spans the country, meaning there will be a local expert in your area, ready to get the job done. They will oversee the operation, ensuring you move home as safely and easily as possible.

It’s free to get a quote, and you’ll receive prices in a matter of minutes. After that, your seamless home move can begin!

Other moving services we provide

We’ve made it our mission to ensure all your property needs are met – so we bring you a number of resources under one roof.

We’re here to help you navigate the minefield and ensure moving day runs as smoothly as possible.

If you need packing supplies and moving boxes for the big day, we’ve got you covered. From tape to packing boxes to bubble wrap, get yours below.

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