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Small Room Ideas – Bedroom, Office & Beyond

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The impact of the pandemic certainly sparked the ‘search for space’. However, for those of us not looking to move, but without many square feet/metres to play with, things can be tricky. To help you maximise what you’ve got, here are some small room ideas. 

Bedroom ideas for small rooms

While creating more space can add value to a home, that’s not an option for many. 

Decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge, as you haven’t got a lot to work with. But, you’d be surprised at what a clever storage solution or lighting fix can do. 

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#1 – Hidden storage

Good news – a small room doesn’t necessarily mean you need less stuff. Some hacks and storage ideas include:

  1. Think height – put up shelves along the walls 
  2. Opt for crown moulding as a shoe rack 
  3. Make use of ‘dead space’ e.g. under the bed, the headboard 
  4. Hang a clothes rack
  5. Put a laundry bag on the back of the door
  6. Buy an ottoman bed (or one with storage built in)
  7. Hang pegs on the back of the door or walls
  8. Get storage baskets for inside the wardrobe

#2 – Stick to one colour

Choosing one colour for the decor can help a space feel bigger, particularly light colours, such as blue or white. You can accessorise with other colours through furnishings, such as the blind or lampshades. 

#3 – Have a statement piece

Don’t be afraid of a statement piece of furniture even in a small room (usually the bed). You can plan the rest of the room around it and find clever storage solutions. Try to avoid awkward or overly large bed frames, though.

#4 – Keep it light

Natural light is absolutely key: let it in! This is possibly the most important small bedroom idea. It will help prevent the room feeling small and cramped, opening up the space. 

For example, a converted loft room might not have a lot of floor space, but an extra window can create the illusion that it’s bigger. 

#5 – Make sure it’s clutter free 

Small changes make a big difference; a cluttered, messy room will always feel smaller than it is.

#6 – Feature wall

No one said that having a small space means you need a boring design scheme. An over-wall papered room will feel smaller, but a statement wall will help it look spacious. 

Blue feature wall in a bedroom with statement bed

#7 – Light flooring 

Dark carpets and deep shades won’t help create the illusion of space; keep the colour palette light – right down to the floor. Creams, beiges, other neutrals: there’s plenty to choose from, your options shouldn’t feel limited.

#8 – Strategic styling

Furniture placements and wall hangings are key in smaller bedrooms. For example, do you need two bedside tables, or could you make do with one? 

Hanging a mirror, or picking mirrored furniture, will reflect light and assist in your mission to make the room appear bigger. In fact, this can be applied to many rooms in the house, and is one of the best small bathroom ideas also. Add a touch of luxury while creating the illusion of space!

#9 – Think minimalistic 

Keep it minimal:

  • Bright, light colours
  • Clear floors
  • Clear surfaces & cupboards
  • Light hues (e.g. oak)

#10 – Make use of corners

Every corner is an opportunity to add a lived-in touch, such as hanging a reading light above the bed. Or, you add a high bookshelf, or hanging lamp. Be clever with the bedroom design, unused space can be a good opportunity. 

Small home office ideas

Working from home has well and truly become the norm for many. So much so that remote working has now been factored into the criteria of those looking to move home. But, if you’re short on space, there are things you can do to improve your work environment.

#1 – Get a fold-down desk

Creating a place to comfortably work from home is easier than you might think. Hunching around the kitchen table all day isn’t good for your posture, plus there are other options available to you. 

A fold-down desk is a great space saving solution, easy to put away when it doesn’t need to be in use. 

Fold down white desk in a small home office

#2 – Room divider curtain 

If more than one of you needs to work in one space, a divider curtain can create a sense of privacy and give you your own section. Or, it can easily create the feel of a home office in a living room or garden office. The fabric ‘wall’ can span the width of the room if needed.

#3 – Wall mounted furniture

Too much furniture can make a small space feel even smaller. But, making use of any wall space in your home office is often a good idea. Hanging lights might work better than table lamps, for example. You should also hang mirrors and pictures to make the room feel more interesting.

#4 – DIY desk

Got any unused free space in the house? Gaps between walls or nooks can easily provide space to create a DIY desk by installing a surface. Great excuse for a bit of weekend DIY!

#5 – Stylish wallpaper

Staring at the same four walls all day can be demoralising. Don’t be afraid to play interior designer in a small space. While too much wallpaper might make your office feel crowded, a feature wall with some style will help keep things interesting – and provide a talking point on Zoom calls.

#6 – House plants 

Plants, for example on the desk, can really help bring the room to life. If you haven’t got much light, go for a low-maintenance plant like an aloe vera or snake plant.

#7 – Keep colours simple

A simple colour palette is best for the space in a small home office. Opt for white or another light colour, from ceiling to floor. You can add pops of colour through furnishings to keep things interesting.

#8 – Choose symmetry 

Contrasting and clashing furniture will cause your eye to bounce around the room and make it look busy. Try to go for a matching desk and chair for a more relaxed, calming feel.

#9 – Go for blinds

In a small home office, long curtains can make the room feel smaller than it is, particularly if they go to the floor. Blinds will help you get as much light in as possible and open up the space.

#10 – Desk storage

There are some clever desk storage solutions out there to help you cut back on clutter and maximise space. This includes:

  • Putting a shelf above the desk
  • Desk organisers
  • Using a laptop or monitor riser
  • Choosing decor that doubles up as supplies (e.g. pen holder)
  • Using unused space (e.g. under the desk)
White work table. The stylish gold stationery is arranged very neatly in the drawers of the desk. Japanese storage method.

Small living room ideas

Open-plan living spaces are now one of the most popular home improvement trends. What if your options are limited? Time to outsmart that limited floor plan and create a room you want to spend more time in. 

#1 – Choose a bold rug

A big, bold rug is a handy trick for making a living room feel bigger than it is. Smaller ones tend to break up the room, but a larger one will make a statement. 

#2 – Corner seating

All space is usable space; corner seating can help you make use of ‘dead space’ that would be otherwise wasted. Cozy armchairs can be easily placed strategically over a big sofa.

#3 – Get clever with lighting

Hanging lighting from above or attaching lights to the walls can avoid using up precious floor space. Try and make any darker areas or corners look brighter, it will open up the room.

#4 – Take advantage of height 

Even if you’re short on floor space, you might have high ceilings you can take advantage of. Curtains can help accentuate vertical space, as can cool light fittings. 

#5 – Sleek coffee tables

A bulky, large coffee table is likely out of the question for most smaller rooms. But, something sleek and small (or glass) will give you good surface space without taking up too much room.

Two stylish small coffee tables with marble tops in front of elegant grey couch with emerald pillows

#6 – Work with scale

Don’t be afraid to play with scale. Some of your options include:

  • Statement light fixtures
  • Art sculptures 
  • Go for wallpaper that catches the eye
  • Opt for large-scale patterns
  • Get a big mirror 

#7 – Choose slim furnishings

You’d be amazed at the array of slim furniture pieces out there, such as bookcases. These can not only give you good storage space, but help you work with the space you have available. 

#8 – Get strategic with artwork

Carefully placed artwork can draw your eye up and make a room feel bigger. Hanging pictures at different heights is a good trick. 

#9 – Go low

If your ceilings are low, make them feel higher by choosing furniture lower to the ground. This could be a lower coffee table or sofa, for example.

#10 – Stick to a tight colour scheme

As mentioned, small spaces don’t have to mean boring colours. But, you should pick a colour scheme and stick with it. Too many busy or clashing colours will make a room feel busy and crowded.

Small kitchen ideas

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you’re short on space, that can be a different story. The key is to get smart; there’s plenty that can be done even with odd shapes or sizes. Let’s take a look at some popular kitchen design ideas:

#1 – Mirrored splashbacks

Many of us dream of an open, bright, airy kitchen with tonnes of natural light pouring through the windows. But, that’s not the reality if yours is on the poky side. Create more reflective surfaces with a mirrored splashback that opens up the space.

#2 – Know when to cut back

Do you really need all those utensils and extra bowls? If you have open shelves, it might be a good idea to pare down on some of the unnecessary items, or at least put them in storage, 

#3 – Add a runner

A runner can be a good addition to a narrow kitchen space, especially fun and colourful ones. 

Low view of new renovated kitchen cabinets with Herringbone Runner Rug

#4 – Go neutral and bright

Shiny, glossy finishings are a small kitchen’s best friend. Dark colours may only make the space feel more cramped.

#5 – Horizontal tiles

Keep things classic and opt for horizontal tiling to make the space feel wider than it is. 

#6 – Moveable kitchen bar

If you’re very short on surfaces, you can add a kitchen bar in the doorway. This will give you an extra side when you need it, and can be rolled away when not in use.

Wood table top in blur kitchen counter

#7 – Keep counters clear

Avoid having too much clutter on what surface space you have to accentuate the space.

#8 – Ditch hardware

Opt for monochrome finishings over bulky hardware for drawers and cabinets, this will help the room look sleeker. 

#9 – Add extra cabinets

Low on storage space? Add extra cabinets up high, just make sure you keep a foot ladder handy! Best to keep the less frequently used items up there. 

#10 – Keep stools low

Don’t make any seating the main feature of the room. Keeping them low will also help ceilings look higher.

Planning a home improvement project?

Making some small changes to the lighting and furniture can go a long way. But, sometimes, it’s not quite enough. If you’re planning a bigger project, we can help you get it underway. 

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Last Updated: October 18th, 2023