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How to View a Property For the Second Time

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Property on your list of favourites? Looking to organise a second viewing? 

It’s always advisable to view a property more than once! Now’s your chance to go back and establish whether this could be the right property for you.

This second viewing is much more important than the first one. On the first viewing you determined that you liked the property, whereas this time you are trying to figure out if it will be your next big investment. Take your time before you make any commitments.

Viewing a property for the second time

When viewing a property for the second time, you need to look closely at every aspect of it. Watch out for anything that you might have missed last time!

Here’s our list of what to look out for and questions to ask when viewing a house:

  1. Listen out for unwanted noises. Hopefully you can come back at a different time, so you can see how the environment around the house changes throughout the day. Listen for any unpleasant sounds. Think roads, trains, and construction sites.
  2. Measure your current furniture and take a tape measure so you can check that your furniture will fit into the space.
  3. Take a torch so that you can have a good look into the darker loft and roof spaces.
  4. Do you need to buy more furniture to fill the space? This could be costly.
  5. Look out of the windows. What will you see when the leaves are no longer on the trees? Will the views be just as appealing in winter as they are in summer?
  6. Test everything. Turn every switch and socket on and off to make sure they work.
  7. Open all doors and windows to check they work and they don’t let in any drafts. Both are expensive to replace.
  8. Check window frames and external doors for signs of rot – press them with your nail or a hard object, they should withstand the pressure.
  9. Open every cupboard door and check inside each cupboard for signs of damp or obvious wear and tear.
  10. Check the fuse box. Is it modern? When was it last rewired? Is there a certificate to prove it is safe?
  11. Inspect the roof. If it’s flat look for signs of water pooling. If it’s sloped and tiled, are all the tiles in place?
  12. Go into the loft space. Make sure it is insulated and damp proof. Look for any missing roof tiles.
  13. If there is a water tank, what condition is it in?
  14. Turn on all taps and check water pressure, including outside taps.
  15. Ask to see the boiler. If it’s summer and it isn’t on, make them turn it on to show you it works and how noisy it is.
  16. Do all the lights work? Are there lights in every room?
  17. Are there enough sockets in each room for you?
  18. Does every room have a radiator?
  19. If there are cracks, how big are they? If you can fit a coin in them, they’ll be expensive to repair.
  20. Look for evidence of pests or bugs that might frequent the property.
  21. Are the garden and surrounding areas well maintained?
  22. Check the boundaries, who has access and where?
  23. If you see evidence of recent work, ask why was it done.
  24. Has the building’s exterior been well maintained?
  25. Check out the surrounding properties for evidence of how well the local area is maintained.
  26. Consider the local area: what amenities are there? Shops? Transport links? 

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How to handle uncertainty

If you are still unsure after your second viewing, review your list of wants and needs that you were originally looking for in a dream house. Consider fixtures and fittings, for example.

Compare this property with your list. Does it add up?

Consider what it was about this property that drew you to it initially – what has changed?

If you are still looking at other properties – stop. This will not help you make up your mind on this one, it will only serve to add to the confusion.

What to do once you have viewed a property for the second time

You have an important decision to make after viewing a property for the second time.

If you like it, consider making an offer on the house!

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Last Updated: January 21st, 2021