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Tenant’s Moving Checklist

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When it comes to moving into your new rental property, having a checklist will help ensure the moving process runs smoothly.

Below is tenant moving checklist to help you prepare to move out of your rental property and into another.

Ensure your rental property is clean

Start thinning out your possessions, now is a great time to have a clear out of any unwanted furniture or items you no longer have a use for. Clear out each room and box up everything you are moving with you and re home or dispose of anything that you no longer want.

Ensure you have organised the cleaning of your old property. Either start doing it early, if you are doing it yourself, or enlist the services of a professional cleaning company.

Read through your [exiting] tenancy agreement and ensure that you have adhered to it.

How the end of tenancy cleaning is to be done may be stipulated in your tenancy agreement, so check what you are required to do at the end of your tenancy. 

Important admin to remember

Inform all utility companies that you are moving out of the old property. Request any final bills and settle them in full. Have evidence that you have paid the bills to hand, should the landlord require proof.

You should have been given a copy of the property’s EPC (energy performance certificate), dig that out and return it to the landlord for the next tenant. Not to worry if you can’t find it, it isn’t your responsibility, but it’s a nice gesture if you can. The same with the gas safety certificate.

Locate and review your check-in inventory as you will need this as a point of reference when your check-out inventory is conducted. If you can, do a check of the property prior to the inventory clerk running theirs, so you don’t get caught out by any nasty surprises. Establish which items you are responsible for and which are the responsibility of your landlord.

Have information regarding your tenancy deposit scheme to hand. You should have been informed at the start of your tenancy which scheme the deposit was being held in.

If you’re renting privately you may have to contact the scheme yourself to start the process to release your deposit, once you have agreed a refund amount with any deductions, if applicable, with the landlord. If you are renting through an agency, they will sort this for you.

Ensure you let all relevant parties know about your change of address.

Download your Moving Day Checklist to help you!

There’s a lot to think about on moving day, so in this checklist we’ve summarised some key considerations – use it on the day to check off things as you go along!

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Arranging your move

Confirm your move in date with your new landlord and to help make the move along and give you comfort, try and give yourself some overlap time. This way you have time to manage everything you need to.

Ensure you arrange your move. There are a few options to choose from:

Make sure there is sufficient space to park at both the old and new properties for the removal van.

If you need it, book storage space for any surplus belongings you have that won’t come with you to the new property.

Make sure you take out contents insurance or transfer it from the old property to the new. Ensure that it covers your possessions in transit between the two properties, starting at the new property from the day you move in.

If you require it, don’t forget to book some time off work in advance of your move.

The moving day

Here’s a few important things to remember for the day of your move from one rental property to another:

  • Unplug all appliances that remain at the old property, as you don’t know when the next tenant is moving in
  • Lock all the windows and doors and arrange to drop off all sets of the old property’s keys with the landlord or letting agency
  • Photograph the old property you’re leaving as proof of how you left it
  • Attend the check-in process for your new property
  • Request copies of your new property’s EPC and gas safety certificates from the new landlord if they haven’t provided you with them
  • As you don’t know how many sets of keys are circulation at your new rental property from previous tenants, it might be worth requesting from the agent (or landlord direct) if the locks could be changed. You could even offer to share the cost of doing this
  • Photograph the new property you’re moving into as proof of how you received it

Need some help?

  • For an end of tenancy clean or help with tidying a garden, get the professional in.
  • Need a full removal service or just man with a van? Tell us whats moving and our partnered removal service will get in touch

Last Updated: August 22nd, 2023

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