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Switch Broadband Supplier

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Our broadband comparison service is currently undergoing some maintenance, please bear with us whilst we work on this. Thanks for your patience.

Why change broadband supplier?

If you’ve had enough of bad broadband and want a cheaper deal, it’s time to switch.

Whether you’re renting or you own your home, it’s always handy to have more money in your pocket each month. Switching can help you save. 

If saving for a house deposit or trying to control your monthly spending, this can be a great way to keep costs down. 

Better value and faster internet connection, what’s not to like?

How does it work?

After entering your postcode, uSwitch will bring up a number of deals available to you in your area. This allows you to compare deals and find the right one for you. 

Each package will have something different, so it’s important to look into it closely before committing to anything. 

For example, some will have setup costs, others won’t. Some will be more expensive, but you might get more for your money. What you choose is entirely down to you and your individual needs. 

Tips for switching broadband supplier

There are some important things to remember before you switch. 

Compare, compare, compare 

How do you know you’ve found the right deal unless you compare? Even among the leading providers, there will be some significant differences among packages. So, ensure you’ve done your research into the best one for you. 

Know your speed

You may not need to spring for a fibre optic connection, but neither should you suffer from frustratingly slow download speeds. 

Look into the different speeds and what you need. There’s no one-size fits all, what you need depends on your household size and what you use your internet for. For example, keen gamers or downloaders may want something faster. 

Do your research

Always read the contract to get a good understanding of what you’re signing up for. Many contracts can last a while, so you’d rather find out sooner rather than later. 

Minimum terms

Check with your current provider, are you no longer within their minimum terms? If so, you’re free to switch.

However, if you are, it’s likely you’ll be faced with a cancellation fee. 


Bundle deals can help you save, but it’s always handy to have a budget in mind – and sticking to it. Massively overspending on your internet connection may mean you have to cut back elsewhere.

Other ways to save

Looking for more ways to save? Consider switching energy suppliers also! This can help you find a better deal tailored to you. 

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