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Moving to A New City, Town or Area Advice

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Relocating to a new city? Moving to a new town?

There can be many reasons why you may have to move to an unknown area.

Perhaps you are relocating because of your or your partner’s work, to downsize or upsize, for cheaper rent, to realise a dream (such as to live by the sea), or just because you fancy a change!

It can be daunting to move to a new area. Not knowing the quickest way to the supermarket, or having anyone to pop out for a quick coffee with, can make you feel isolated.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are our tips for moving to a new city. These should help ensure you get settled in into your new environment in no time!

Moving to a new city – relocation advice

Relocating to a new city is a little different to moving to a small town or village.

On the surface, it might seem as though there are more opportunities to get settled in. However, it’s tough to know how to meet people in a new city. It can be hard to break through the constant, fast-paced hustle and bustle!

While towns and villages might be quieter, in a strange way, this can make it easier to settle in.

Here’s some advice for how to make friends in a new city:

Follow your hobbies

Moving to a new city alone? Use your hobbies.

Whether it’s joining a gym, finding a book club or an art class, cities are brimming with things to do.

If you’re on your own, these are all great ways to meet new people. Feeling isolated will not help in your mission to settle in!

Be open and confident

Make yourself available!

Shutting yourself off from the world due to nerves won’t do any good when starting over in a new city. Instead, remember this ‘lone wolf’ feeling won’t last forever.

Be as chatty as possible, wherever you are. From dropping the kids of at their new school to visiting local bars, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

When relocating to a new city for work, it is important to make a positive impression with your colleagues, being approachable and friendly goes a long way.

Meet the neighbours

Big cities, such as London, aren’t typically known for their ‘friendly’ communities. But, it doesn’t take long to break down the barriers!

The fear of moving to a new city is strong for many. So, think proximity!

It’s easy to get to know those living closest to you, such as your neighbours. You might find you don’t have to venture as far out as you thought.

Moving city is as difficult as you make it. So, put yourself out there!

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Moving to live in a different place – general advice

Of course, not all relocations involve cities; many move to the country, especially if their looking for more space. But, wherever you go, moving away from home is always tough!

So, how can you make things a little smoother? Here are some tips for moving to a new area:

Get involved in the local community

If you’re moving to a new town, it’s important to get involved with the local community!

Look for flyers in local coffee shops or newsagents for community events. If you have children, ask to get involved at their school. For children moving to a new school, it can help them settle in much quicker knowing you’re around!

Help out and volunteer where you can! This is a great way to meet new people and show that you’re community-minded.

There are lots of local groups on Facebook you can join too, which will let you know what is going on in your new area and events you can attend. This will help make you feel part of the community, as well as help you get to know local people.

If you already have a hobby, find classes or events in your local area and make an effort to attend them. You’ll be meeting like-minded people as well as doing something you enjoy!

Venture outside

It takes time to settle in to a new area. But, there are many ways to speed up the process. Spend as much time outside as possible!

Do you still have moving boxes to cut up, or stuff in the garage to tidy? Do it outside or with the garage door open.

Or, if you have a front garden, get out there and potter about. As people walk by, you can give them a friendly smile and strike up a conversation.

Looking after your garden will not only help you feel house proud, but can also help you meet the neighbours!

Maintain your relationships

If you’re moving to a new area alone, you might be worried about feeling isolated. So, maintain all your relationships!

Even though you have moved somewhere new, your family and friends can still come and visit. Moving to a new area is the perfect excuse to get everyone round!

Invite them over for a housewarming party (and invite your new neighbours too, to break the ice). Make it a quiet weekend afternoon event, rather than a loud party – this would send out the wrong message!

Keep in regular contact with your friends and family! Put dates in your diary to visit and catch up with them.

Make your new home your own

If you haven’t got a comfortable nest to come home to each night, you won’t look forward to returning to your house.

So, take some time to turn your new house into a home. Redecorating is an exciting process, so set some time aside to make it your latest project.

You can do this by:

  • Buying interior decorating magazines
  • Getting inspiration from wherever you can – nice décor can be found everywhere!
  • Put up your pictures and artwork
  • Get some soft furnishings to make it cosy – cushions, blankets, rugs, curtains
  • Invest in some new pieces of furniture

Make the place your own!

Keep your routine as similar as possible

If you’ve just moved to a new city, the easiest way to adjust to the area is to maintain a sense of order.

Try and stick with your old routine as best you can, especially if you have children. It will make the transition that much easier if your daily lives are disrupted as little as possible.

Say yes to everything

If you have relocated for work, you will be busy getting set up in your new job. Moving to a new city for a job will see you meeting new people quickly!

If, however, you have moved because you wanted a change, then you need to get things moving on your own. Say yes to everything!

Go to that new pub, join a sports club, or go out for dinner when asked. If you’ve moved to a new area with no friends, it’s essential you take every opportunity given to you!

Use your friends and family

A new city can be daunting. If you don’t know anyone in your new area, reach out to friends and family for connections they might have.

Or put out a call on social media, asking to be set up with friends of friends. Even if they’re not necessarily your sort of people, it’s nice to know someone in a strange place.

Meeting one person usually leads to meeting another!

Know your way around

No doubt you will have researched the area a little before you moved, but using something like Google Maps, you can see exactly where you are and work out the quickest routes to places.

It may sound a little strange, but it really will make a difference, knowing your way around the local area.

Walk the dog

If you have your own dog that you can take for a walk – you’ll get to know other dogs and their owners quickly!

If you don’t have a dog, speaking to passers-by about theirs is a great way to start chatting.

Give yourself time to adjust

Moving can be tough, especially to an unknown area. So be kind to yourself.

Remember you aren’t going to have an instant support network around you, so you have to create one.

It may involve you getting a little out of your comfort zone, but it will be worth it. Take the time to meet people, focus on getting your house as you want it, and enjoy the new opportunities that this move has afforded you.

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Last Updated: December 12th, 2023