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Moving to… Hereford

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Hereford has a long, illustrious history and was one of the first towns founded in England under Roman rule. Today, it has become a popular city near the Welsh border, offering quaint countryside, charming architecture and plenty of culture. 

But what’s it like living in this city day-to-day? We’re exploring everything from the homes to its history with our Hereford area guide. 

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A brief history of Hereford

Hereford has plenty of history dating back thousands of years. As well as being one of the first towns in England founded by the Romans, it was also involved in a battle between the English and Welsh in the Saxon times and was already described as “ancient” by the 16th century. 

Where is Hereford?

Hereford is a cathedral city in the county of Herefordshire, in the West Midlands, and lies on the River Wye. It’s located 16 miles from the Welsh border and 23 miles from Gloucester. It’s the largest settlement in the entire county of Herefordshire. 

Moving to Hereford

There are historic properties in Hereford, as well as a range of semi and detached family homes. You will also find townhouses, terraces and cottages, along with apartments and a smattering of new-build properties

Buying in Hereford

The average house value in Hereford is £250,724, with paid prices significantly higher at £273,559.  Expect to pay around £371,701 for a detached home, £200,171 for a terraced house and £126,789 for an apartment.

Hereford property prices are in line with the UK national average of £251,000. Over the last 12 months, house prices have increased by nine per cent and by 19 per cent in the last five years. 

There’s a varied selection of estate and letting agents in Durham, with chain and independent options available to help you find a home. 

Renting in Hereford

One-bedroom homes rent for an average of £550 per month in Hereford, with two-bedroom properties fetching in the region of £900 per month. For larger homes, expect to pay an average of £1,000 per month.

Cost of living

If you’re moving to Hereford, you can expect to pay similar prices to the UK national average when it comes to everyday living. A meal for one person is around £12, which is slightly more affordable than the UK average. A cappuccino is £3.15, and one litre of milk is £0.75p.  

Utility bills, however, are considerably more expensive than the nationwide average. Electricity, heating, cooling, water and waste disposal cost around £240, which is around £85 more expensive than the national average. Broadband is around £31 per month. 

Life in Hereford

From lively markets selling an array of gems to cultural sights, Hereford is brimming with charm and character. There’s plenty to do and see, whether you’re exploring the town or getting back to nature in the surrounding countryside. 

Open spaces

Walk along the banks of the River Wye, taking in the scenic settings. Or visit Wye Valley, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and perfect for walking and cycling enthusiasts. 

Trains from Hereford go to Worcester and Birmingham, as well as Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Leominster. Motorists are also well connected, with drive times taking around 90 minutes to Birmingham and Cardiff and just under an hour to Worcester. 


Wander Hereford’s maze of narrow streets and delightful squares while browsing local independent shops and family-run businesses. If you’re looking for modern shopping options, Old Market Hereford is a stylish outdoor complex of national and international retailers. 


Hereford is full of culinary delights, whether you’re enjoying a bite at a local café or partaking in some upmarket dining. There are places to go for modern British cuisine and traditional Italian dishes.


There are a fair few nightclubs where you can enjoy dancing until the early hours of the morning in Hereford. Play Nightclub is a local favourite, and Yates Hereford is a popular chain with a location in the city centre. 

Art & culture

There are plenty of museums to discover in Hereford. The Black and White Museum portrays life in life in Jacobean times and even allows you to dress up in costumes from the era. The Hereford Museum and Art Gallery is also worth a visit with its collection of local works of art and historical artefacts.

Things to do

Visit Hereford Cathedral, the city’s most notable landmark and home of the award-winning 13th century Mappa Mundi, which is the largest surviving medieval map in the world. 

What’s not to like?

Hereford can feel quite cut off at times, which may be off-putting for some people who want a more well-connected place to live.

Who lives there?

Hereford has a population of just over 192,000 and a median age of 43. 

Typical broadband speeds

The average broadband speed is 33mbps in Hereford, which is lower than the UK national average of 67mbps.

Crime rates

Crime rates in Hertford average 2,748 per year and are lower than the national average of 10,000.

Everything you need to know about moving to Hereford

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Last Updated: July 8th, 2024