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How to Shortlist a Property to View | Podcast S1E3

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Season 1 Episode 3

Episode three is all about how to shortlist a property.

When you’re searching for the perfect home, your estate agent may show you properties that barely stand up against your expectations. Naturally, you end up feeling like you’ve wasted your time. It’s frustrating. But, it is avoidable.

A closer look at episode three

Our host, Phil Spencer, and co-host Chris Ducker, team up to clear up some of the confusion and frustration surrounding the home search process by shortlisting properties that estate agents send through.

The saying ‘you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find the one’ may hold some truth when you’re looking for the perfect property. But, building a useful property shortlist will help move the needle along so you can find your ideal home sooner rather than later.

What do Chris and Phil discuss?

Listen to find out:

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Last Updated: October 15th, 2021

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