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Planning Permission Explained | Podcast S4E2

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In episode two of our home renovation property podcast, Phil Spencer and special guest Nick Stockley, Chief Design Officer for Resi, talk about planning permission. Tune in for everything you need to know, the ins and outs and much more. 

Why listen? 

Give this episode a listen for:

  • The difference between permitted development & planning permission
  • Planning for flats/maisonettes 
  • How to improve your chances of a successful planning application
  • Main reasons planning applications get refused 
  • What to do if your planning application gets refused
  • What happens after planning 
  • When you should employ contractors 
  • How building regulations are independent from planning regulations
  • When you don’t need planning permission

Things to remember 

It’s important you get your head around the rules before making any major changes. You don’t want to have to remove anything you’ve spent time and money putting in place. We’re here to get you clued up. 

Remember: have planning permission in place before you start thinking about employing contractors. This should be one of the first steps of planning a major home renovation. You’ll want to be thoroughly organised from the outset: failing to plan is planning to fail! Hopefully, our expertise can help things run as smoothly as possible.

Resi Design

Who are Resi?

Huge thanks to our show sponsor Resi, the UK’s leading architectural service. With over a hundred in-house experts, Resi makes it easier than ever to extend, renovate, or create a home from scratch. Whether you need design or technical drawings, planning support or help to finance your build, through their unique Dashboard, you can create a package perfectly tailored to your project. 

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Ready for the next episode? 

There are plenty more nuggets of knowledge where these came from! However big your budget, this season of our podcast is jam-packed with tips and tricks for homeowners. Next up: home improvement inspiration! Tune in on any podcast app of your choice.

Last Updated: October 15th, 2021

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