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What DIY Should I Do? | Podcast S4E6

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What DIY should you do? Phil Spencer delves into the topic in this latest episode of our home renovation podcast. Listen in for tips on everything from cost to tools, plus how to achieve the finish you want vs. don’t. Find out more and tune in here. 

What to expect 

Phil discusses a broad range of topics, including: 

  • When to DIY and when to not
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • What you will need to do the job
  • Time, cost and skills
  • The kind of finish you want
  • Regulations that might be involved 
  • Small tasks that can make a big difference
  • When to get the professionals in
  • Things to consider
  • Ways to add value to your home
  • How to improve over time


DIY can add value and improve your property dramatically. However, sometimes it can be best to leave certain jobs to the professionals. Poor quality finishings or dodgy paintwork can actually decrease the value of a home – so it’s important you know your limits. 

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Ready for more?

There are still two more episodes to go in our podcast! Don’t miss the next one, where we talk about the best home improvements and where you should focus your attention. Tune in below, or on a podcast app of your choice.

Last Updated: August 22nd, 2023