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Pitfalls of Renting: How to Avoid | S6E6

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What are some common pitfalls of renting, and how can you avoid them? In episode 6 of the Move iQ podcast, Phil Spencer is joined by Maxine Fothergill, President of ARLA Propertymark. We’re here to provide some guidance for tenants and help you navigate the renting minefield with ease. Tune in below, or on your favourite podcast app. 

Why should you listen?

Tune in to hear Phil and Maxine discuss:

  • Mistakes to avoid when renting
  • Assured shorthold tenancies
  • Protecting your deposit
  • Rental payments
  • Right to live in a property
  • Tenant checks
  • Why letting agents are accountable
  • The importance of understanding your tenancy agreement

Mistakes when renting

One of the biggest mistakes when renting is not reading and understanding your contract. As Maxine says: ‘A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document, it must be explained & understood.’ 

Your letting agent must explain anything to you that you question. However, it’s your responsibility to read it thoroughly and query things that don’t make sense, or that don’t seem right. 

It’s a good idea to get your head around certain aspects of renting, such as break clauses, and when your rent can be increased

Who is Propertymark?

Propertymark is the leading professional membership body for the property sector. 

They uphold higher professional standards across the property sector in order to protect the consumer and regulate their members according to a Code of Practice with enforcement action where agents fall short. 

They provide members with nationally recognised, vocational standards through accredited qualifications and an industry leading training program. To find an agent, look for their logos and make sure your transaction is Propertymark Protected. 

Propertymark logo

Want more episodes?

Season 2 of the Move iQ podcast is also there to help you rent a home the easy way. It covers everything from getting ahead of the crowd to ending a tenancy. Tune in below. 

Plus, there’s plenty more of season 6 to come – tune in on your favourite podcast app of choice for more!

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Last Updated: January 26th, 2022

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