Phil Spencer’s Property Report

Are you sure you’ve found the right property? We can help you decide! All you need to do is enter your postcode below…

Knowing vital property-specific and local area information about somewhere you’re set to call ‘home’ is too often overlooked. A property report helps you form a rounded opinion on the suitability of a specific property you may be considering.

However much you love a property, the surrounding area has a significant bearing on how enjoyable it is to live somewhere. For this reason, we’ve have partnered with a leading data provider to bring you all the important information you need for moving home with confidence.

What will your property report tell you?

Hassle-free, in-depth and easy to read. We’ve made property research easy!

Here’s a taste of the information you’ll find in your report…

Property details

What information would you like to learn about the property itself? Your report will include:

• Title register
• Photos / neighbourhood pictures
• Maps
• Description
• Energy efficiency rating
• House price

Estimated property valuations

Your report will compare the estimated valuations of the property and other similar properties in the area.

You’ll also receive a neighbourhood value map and a street property summary.

Area insights

Don’t know the area well? That’s all set to change.

Find out about the area around your property, including:

• Local schools – primary and secondary
• Crime rates – area comparisons, details of crime types, neighbourhood police stations
• Local amenities – services and businesses

Residents and neighbours

Want to find out more about those living nearby before you move in? Well, now you can!

Your report will give you information on:

• Businesses at this address
• Property residents
• Neighbours

Planning applications

You have a right to know about planned building works before you buy a property! For this reason, your report will give you summary of the nearest 15.

What does a property report offer?

Clearly, our report provides a detailed review of the property itself as well as its surrounding area. For example, who owns it and how much they paid, local planning applications and recently sold prices in the area. We also share vital local area data on crime rates, schools and local amenities.

Our reports are easy to read – but we also provide advice and guidance on how to use the information for your own needs.

A report highlights the positives as well as the negatives, helping you to make a balanced and well-informed decision. It’s designed to help you move with confidence and get a better deal in the process.

What are the benefits?

Remember – where you buy is just as important as the property itself. Far too many hopeful buyers focus largely on the home price and its characteristics – while unwittingly ignoring the bigger picture.

If you don’t like you the area, it’s likely you won’t enjoy living in your new home. Consider a variety of different factors, such as transport links, any disruptive building works or high crime statistics. The physical property itself is one thing, but what about everything around it?

You want to know you’ll enjoy living somewhere before you part with your cash. Research is the best way to arm yourself with as much information as possible. Luckily, we’ll do the hard part for you!

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