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Moving to… Alnwick

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Alnwick is a charming market town in Northumberland that’s a sought-after place to live and a top tourist attraction. From Alnwick Castle to Northumberland National Park, there are plenty of things to do and see for anyone moving to Alnwick. In this area guide, we’re further exploring Alnwick and seeing what it’s like to live in the historic Northeast England town.  

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A brief history of Alnwick

Alnwick’s history starts with its castle and the lords, one of whom was William the Conqueror’s standard bearer. His name was Gilbert Tyson, and the castle was given to him and subsequently held for more than 200 years. In 1309, it was passed onto the house of Percy. Today, there are still memorials dotted around the town highlighting the regular wars between the Percys and Scots, including references to the Battle of Alnwick.  

Where is Alnwick?

Located on the southbank of the River Aln, Alnwick is a North East town 32 miles south of the Scotish border and five miles from the North Sea. It’s a traditional English county town with a well-known market and falls under the unitary authority of Northumberland. Alwnick’s postcode is NE66. 

Moving to Alnwick

Here’s some important property information you need before you move.

Buying in Alnwick

There’s plenty of historical character in Alnwick, and this is reflected in the homes found in the town. Period properties in the centre of the town are particularly popular, and are often found in the form of 19th-century stone houses. You’ll also find Georgian homes and even Grade II listed properties in areas like Clive Terrace. 

The average house value in Gloucester is £254,948, with average paid prices more than £10k lower at £242,122. Expect to pay around £339,595 for a detached home, £198,557 for a semi-detached, and £148,188 for an apartment. 

Alnwick properties are slightly higher than the UK national average of £251,000. Over the last 12 months, house prices have seen a marginal decrease of 1.68%, but it’s still not the cheapest place to buy

You won’t have any trouble finding estate or letting agents in Alnwick. The market town has a good selection of both well-known brand names and independent local agents. 

Renting in Alnwick

One-bedroom homes rent for an average of £400 per month in Alnwick, while a two-bedroom property fetches in the region of £595 per month. Around 36%of residents rent their home in Alnwick. The town is primarily a buyer’s area. 

Alnwick castle grounds

Cost of living

The average meal for one person in Alnwick costs around £12, while a cappuccino is £2.70 and milk costs £0.85p. The cost of living in the town is in line with the UK average and nearby major cities like Newcastle. 

Expect to pay an average of £107 per month ( £50 cheaper than the national average) for utility bills including gas, electric, heating and water. Bear in mind you could save money by switching energy provider.

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Broadband bills cost in the region of £28 per month for a 60mbps connection. 

Life in Alnwick

As a popular tourist town, anyone moving to Alnwick should be excited about the activities, attractions and shopping amenities. From historical sights to top-notch restaurants, Alnwick serves a wide range of places to visit and landmarks to enjoy.

Open spaces

Alnwick enjoys strong ties to the countryside, with Northumberland National Park often frequented by locals. It covers more than 1,050 square kilometres and features lush greens and rugged nature. 

Alnwick isn’t served by a train station, though services are available in nearby Alnmouth, which offers direct routes to Aberdeen, Bristol (via Leeds) and Newcastle. The A1 is located to the east and offers access to Newcastle and Edinburgh. 


As a market town, Alnwick has farmers’ markets and craft markets. Narrowgate, Fenkle Street and Bondgate Within are the places to go for your day-to-day shopping. You’ll find a mix of chain stores and independent boutiques in and around these areas. 


Bari Tea Brewery is a favourite with locals and tourists alike, who head here for a cosy cuppa. If you’re looking for somewhere to have lunch or dinner, Lilburns is a family-run restaurant and bar in the heart of the town.


Alnwick mostly features bars and pubs for anyone who wants to enjoy a few drinks out. If you’re looking for nightclubs, head to Newcastle, which is around 30 minutes away from the town. 

Art & culture

Visit The Alnwick Playhouse for the town’s centre of arts. Here, you can browse the arts centre, watch local theatre or catch a flick at the cinema. Each year there is an eight-day Alnwick International Music Festival celebrating the UK’s diverse culture through music and poetry.  

Things to do in Alnwick

Visit Alnwick Castle, which is the heartbeat of the town. Built following the Norman conquest, it has been renovated and restructured on numerous occasions. It features Gothic architecture. 

What’s not to like?

If you’re moving to Alnwick from the South of England, there may be an adaptation needed to acclimatise to the colder weather. The lack of a train station may also be inconvenient for some. 

Who lives there?

Alnwick has a population of 8,000 and a median age of 49. 

Typical broadband speeds

There is an average broadband speed of 67mbps in Alnwick, which is in line with the UK national average. 

Crime rates

Crime rates in Alnwick average 888 per year, which is considerably lower than the national average of 10,000. Alnwick is an incredibly safe town to call home. 

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Last Updated: November 26th, 2023