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Micromanaging Your Property Purchase

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When you buy a home, there are many factors you must keep on top of. These vary from people to chase, such as solicitors and mortgage brokers, to submitting forms. Sometimes this process can feel extremely overwhelming! To try and help, we’ve put together some advice on micromanaging your property purchase.

When to micromanage

Often, when pushing ahead with the sale, micromanaging all the elements in your deal is essential.

This is your money you’re investing. No one else cares as deeply as you do about this property you’re buying, nor has as much invested in this sale as you.

So, if you have to micromanage the people involved in your chain to get work completed on time, then do it.  With property deals, no news isn’t necessarily good news.

Sometimes, if you don’t micromanage, you could end up paying more than you anticipated paying. Alternatively, you could lose your dream home.

How to manage buying a property

How you manage your affairs is personal to you. We each have our preferred way of keeping on top of admin. The same is true when you buy a property. You can manage the progress of your sale in numerous ways, including:

  • Via spreadsheets
  • Through your solicitor
  • Telephone calls
  • Over email

Conveyancing tracking software

Another way to manage a property purchase is through conveyancing tracking software. This is the latest technology to be developed in the house buying market. It’s a way to monitor who’s doing what and when. It also helps keep on top of what’s expected of both you and them. You can see, at a glance, what stage your sale is at and what you need to do next.

There are a few conveyancing tracking software programs you can try out, if you wish to keep everything online and in one place:

  • Track my move. When you sell a home to buy a new one, you become part of two chains, meaning you have double the work to keep on top of.

This intelligent chain tracking software works across multiple agencies, enabling you to instantly view the progress of both transactions at once.

The information your dashboard displays is always the latest information, showing key milestones to allow you to progress.

By having everyone in your team working from one platform, you can keep on top of what your solicitor and the estate agent require of you, with instant notifications.

  • View my chain. This conveyancing tracking software was created to significantly improve the house buying process. This platform allows all participants: the buyer, the seller and the agent, to view each stage of the chain, enabling a smoother sale.

They aim to speed up your move by 2 weeks and remove the chance of your sale falling through by ⅓. The software can spot bottlenecks and potential sticking points sooner, so you can act on them before they become an issue.

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Last Updated: June 27th, 2022