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How to Find Local Childcare in Your New Area

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When you move home with a young family, you’re more than likely moving away from the support network you’ve built up around you. Being removed from the child care facilities that you’re familiar with can be daunting, but that’s not to say you’ve been left holding the baby.

When doing your moving home research, we’ve got all the tips, tricks and hints you need to help you find local childcare in your new area.

Choosing the childcare that suits you

You can find childcare in your new area very easily. Our property reports also give a summarised Ofsted rating of childcare around the postcode you’re looking to buy in.

Whichever form of childcare you opt for, be it at home with a nanny, in a nursery or at a childminder’s, how you choose and review which one to go for is similar for all three options.

How do the carers interact with the children?

If you can, drop by each nursery or childminder that you’re considering without notifying anyone, and observe the carers in action. You want to see that they’re paying attention to each child. Think about the following:

  • Are they on the floor with the children?
  • Are they holding their hand?
  • Giving them a reassuring cuddle?
  • Talking to them and interacting with them?

All babies and young children require warmth and loving attention. They thrive on lots of one-to-one interaction, so keep an eye out.

Is there a ratio of one adult to every three children? If not, your child might not get the attention they require.

Also, if the nanny you’re watching is standing off to one side, engrossed on her phone, they may not be the right type of carer that you’re looking for.

What is their commitment like?

Young children aren’t great with change, so if you opt for an at-home nanny, ask if she can commit to your family for a minimum of a year. Constant upheaval and changing faces is not going to give your child the safe and secure care that they need.

If you’re looking in a nursery, enquire about the staff turnover rate. If it is quite regular, consider going somewhere else. Just because you like one of the helpers in particular, doesn’t mean they’ll stick around for a long time.

What are their parenting policies and how do they provide care?

Whether you choose a live-in nanny or a nursery for your child, ask what their parenting methods are with the following questions.

  • How do they discipline a child?
  • How do they use the television?
  • What are their views on nutrition?
  • How do they handle nap times?

You want to select a type of childcare that echoes your form of parenting. This is so that your child experiences continuity both at home with you, with the nanny, or in a nursery.

Know that you can change
If your gut tells you something isn’t right, listen to it. You aren’t committed to any carer for your child. Your child is your priority, so if you are having issues that you can’t resolve, move on.

Listen to the advice and recommendations of friends and family for childcare in your area, but if it doesn’t work for you, find something that does.

Yes, young children prefer continuity, but they also prefer being happy and if they aren’t happy where they are, or you aren’t happy they are getting everything they need, then remedy it.

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Last Updated: September 2nd, 2021