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Choosing the Best Removals Company

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Moving home can be a seriously stressful time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. If you work with high quality moving services, one that knows exactly what they’re doing, the process can be surprisingly simple. So, how do you decide which service to use? Here’s a short guide to choosing the best removals company.

What about DIY moving?

It can be tempting to move DIY-style to save a bit of money, especially as the cost of moving house can be high. In the long run, it might be best getting the professionals in. This way, your possessions should arrive at your new home intact while you have the energy to enjoy and remember moving day. At least it’s better than lying exhausted on your bed with a bad back after lugging around heavy boxes all day.

Recommendations from family and friends

Once you’ve decided you’ll enlist the help of a removals company, it’s time to pick the right one. A great place to start is by asking family members, friends, colleagues or neighbours for recommendations. Alternatively, we have can help through our relationship with AnyVanwho deliver a variety of removal services to suit your needs.

In addition you can…

Official endorsements

The British Association of Removers present a scheme with a regulated set of guidelines and standards companies must meet. This includes training, insurance, experience and capacity. The National Guild of Removers and Storers put forward a similar scheme.

Get at least three quotes

Most companies should offer a similar sort of figure in terms of price. If you want a more accurate quote, invite the removal company to visit your property and assess the amount/size of items that require moving. This is worthwhile doing because large, heavy or fragile items will affect the price. When this happens, ensure you mention any potential hazards they’re likely to encounter at the new property – this can include steep staircases, narrow doors, limited parking, etc.

When you receive your quote, ask for a breakdown of what you’re being charged. This can include anything from labour and mileage to parking, insurance and storage. If you want to reduce costs, ask the removal company how you could assist with that. This could include moving on a different date or even taking some extra items with you before the removals company arrives.

If you prefer a particular company but receive a cheaper quote from another, ask whether this can be met. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Check the removal company’s insurance

Ask to see the company’s insurance certificate. Find out when cover expires and what the latest date you can claim after the move is. Look for other caveats on the insurance cover too. For instance, there may be a limit which affects your ability to claim for valuable items damaged in transit. Alternatively, some companies won’t cover your belongings if they haven’t been packed by the removal company.

Are you covered?

Look at your own home and contents insurance policy. Are you covered on moving day? Are your goods covered while in transit from one home to the other?

Do you have a contingency plan?

What happens if you’re unable to access the new property on the day you move? There are numerous options which removal companies could potentially choose. Some will leave your items outside the front of the property, others will wait, some may even look for a storage facility or park the removal vehicle at your new house overnight.

Book in advance

Many professional removal companies can be booked up weeks in advance. You should organise the details of your move around two months before you get the keys to your new home. By the time it comes to exchange contracts, you should know which company you’re going to use and how much it will cost you. You should call the removals company immediately after exchange of contracts so you can finalise/book a moving date.

Need a removal recommendation?

Tell us your removal requirements and professional movers from AnyVan will be in touch with a competitive quote.

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Last Updated: November 29th, 2023