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Cheapest Place to Rent in the UK

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Finding the most affordable places to live can be a challenging task, especially in a diverse and vast nation like the UK. With house prices and rent costs skyrocketing in many parts of the country, the question on everyone’s mind is: where is the cheapest place to rent in the UK?

Is rent cheap in the UK?

The answer to this question largely depends on where you’re looking. Major cities like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh are known for their higher rent prices, owing to their status as economic, cultural, and touristic hubs. However, there are several locations across the country where rent is significantly cheaper.

Where is the cheapest place to rent in the UK?

  1. Shildon, DL4, £376pcm
  2. Ferryhill, DL17, £377pcm
  3. Bishop Auckland, DL14, £377pcm
  4. Willington, DL15, £387pcm
  5. Lancashire, BB11, £394pcm
  6. Keighley, BD21, £395pcm
  7. Hull, HU3, £399pcm
  8. Bridlington, YO15, £404pcm
  9. Hartlepool, TS24, £409pcm
  10. Ashington, NE63, £413pcm 

While there’s no doubt renters can save money in the suburbs, the median monthly rent in England is £795, with the North East having the lowest recorded prices. This doesn’t include Northern Ireland or Scotland. Let’s take a look at the cities bringing that number down:

1. Shildon, County Durham, £376pcm 

Where is the cheapest rent right now? Claiming top spot in our cheapest place to rent in the UK list is Shildon, Britain’s most affordable town to both rent and buy in. It’s just 13 miles outside of Durham, for those looking for somewhere quieter, outside of the hustle and bustle, but not too far away. 

Here, rent is just £376 a month on average in the DL4 postcode.

2. Ferryhill, County Durham, £377pcm

Not far behind is Ferryhill, the 12th largest town in County Durham. Here, renters living under the DL17 postcode pay an average of £377pcm. It’s a great choice if you’ve looking for a cheap rural area

3. Bishop Auckland, County Durham, £377pcm

A market town and civil parish, Bishop Auckland is home to Auckland castle, great walking spots, and average rent prices of £377 a month in the DL14 postcode. It’s much easier here to save for a house deposit than further down south. 

4. Willington, Derbyshire, £387pcm 

It’s not just an average rent cost of less than £400 a month that Willington has to shout about. The village is rich in wildlife and heritage, part of the Peak District. 

5. Lancashire, North West England, £394pcm

Picture Lancashire and you might conjure up images of lakes, scenic views and Furness Abbey. However, what you may not know is that it boasts low rent prices too – averaging £394 a month, where the postcode is BB11. 

6. Keighley, City of Bradford, £395pcm

A former mill and market town, Keighley is famous among steam enthusiasts for its lovingly restored railway. Rent here is just £395 pcm on average if you live in the BD21 postcode.

7. Hull, East Yorkshire, £399pcm

Also known as Kingston Upon Hull, this port city is home to a number of points of interest, such as museums and art galleries. It’s not just a tourist spot though! Residents living in the HU3 postcode can enjoy rent costs of £399 a month. 

8. Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, £404pcm

A town on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea, the town has earned the nickname ‘the Lobster Capital of Europe’. Those who rent a home in the YO15 postcode can expect to pay around £404 a month.

9. Hartlepool, County Durham, £409pcm

A port town just 8 miles north of Middlesbrough, Hartlepool offers rental prices of around £409 a month in the TS24 postcode. Meanwhile, TS27 & TS26 have average rents of £410pcm.

10. Ashington, Northumberland, £413pcm 

The highest in this top 10 list of cheapest place to rent in the UK, but still much lower than the UK average, is the NE63 postcode in Ashington. Once a centre of the coal mining industry, it’s one of the largest towns in Northumberland.

Average monthly rent – broken down by postcode 

The above averages are based on specific postcodes. Of course, within the same area, costs of rent differ, let’s break it down further:

#PostcodeUK CityAverage monthly rent (£)
3DL14Bishop Auckland377
20TS25Seaton Carew428

RentRound used data from Propertydata to gather this information.

Where is rent most expensive in the UK?

If you’re searching for the cheapest place to rent in the UK, you’ll also want to know which places to avoid if budget is a concern:

1. London

The UK’s capital remains the most expensive place to rent. Its global appeal, job opportunities, and cultural significance drive rental prices up.

2. Oxford

Known for its prestigious university, Oxford isn’t just academically elite; it’s also one of the pricier places to rent in the UK.

3. Cambridge

Much like Oxford, Cambridge has a renowned university that attracts international attention, which, in turn, raises the demand for housing and increases rental prices.

Cheapest places to rent in London

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive place to rent in the UK is the nation’s capital, which has a median monthly rent of £1,450.

However, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Here are the cheapest places to rent in London:

  1. Bexley
  2. Havering
  3. Croydon
  4. Redbridge
  5. Barking & Dagenham
  6. Bromley
  7. Sutton
  8. Hillingdon
  9. Waltham Forest
  10. Lewisham
Area in LondonAverage Asking Rent (pcm)Average Asking Rent for 1-Bedroom Flat (pcm)
1. Bexley£1,587£966
2. Havering£1,664£1,051
3. Croydon£1,564£1,162
4. Redbridge£1,608£1,030
5. Barking and Dagenham£1,623£1,268
6. Bromley£1,741£1,123
7. Sutton£1,813£1,125
8. Hillingdon£1,892£1,128
9. Waltham Forest£1,866£1,339
10. Lewisham£1,991£1,369

Bear in mind this just looks at rental prices alone (data collected by comparemymove). 

In London, without rent included, the average cost of living for a family of four is £3,087 a month. A single person is looking at around £887 – without rent. 

However, the median weekly pay for London residents who are full-time employees is £804, which is the highest in the country. This obviously has variants, including age and sector. 

Thinking of renting?

In conclusion, while the UK has its fair share of expensive places to rent, with some research and willingness to explore less-charted territories, one can find affordable gems that offer great value for money. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a retiree, there’s likely a place that fits your budget and lifestyle needs. Before you move, gather as many facts about an area as possible, including crime rates and info on local schools. A property report can pull all this together for you and more. Get yours below.

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Last Updated: August 11th, 2023