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Data Reveals School Catchment Areas Drop Below 100m

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House prices and good local schools have always been inherently linked, with properties in areas with outstanding schools attracting a premium from buyers.

Data found that some schools are rejecting applications from children who live just 100 meters from the school.

Why has this happened? Is there anything that can be done? We take a closer look at the issue.

Why Have These Difficulties Arisen?

The smallest catchment area was in Taunton in Somerset, where parents hoping to send their kids to St Andrew’s Church School had to live within just 93.3m of the school gate.

In total, found that sixty primary schools are turning down youngsters who live more than just 350m away as the desperate battle for outstanding school places shows no sign of easing up.

The data excludes religious schools – which can be even harder to get into, given that parents have to prove their commitment to the school’s faith criteria.

Overall, London is the toughest for primary admissions, with parents needing to live ever closer to their preferred school to ensure their child gets a place.

Relocating and moving house can be difficult enough, but worrying about your child not getting a place in their chosen school only adds to an already stressful situation.

Is There a Solution to This Problem?

Schools are a deciding criterion for families moving to a new area. Understanding the admission criteria is vital when making such life changing decisions. The school data in our property report is up to date and can help ensure you’re informed.

Get a Property Report

The report provides comprehensive, accurate admissions information to help parents understand each school’s catchment areas in their proposed location.

As a result, property report data is able to provide ratings of schools in a specific area. It’s an invaluable tool for parents thinking of moving home in the hope of securing the school place that they want for their children.

Why is a Report So Beneficial?

Schools data covers 95% of all state schools in England, Wales, and Scotland and covers a wealth of key information including full admissions criteria. This includes:

  • Whether or not a particular school is over or under-subscribed
  • Its catchment area and siblings’ policy  
  • Its Ofsted ranking, exam results and class sizes
  • Its pupil make-up, split into gender, age, religion – together with percentages of those with English as an additional language
  • Those entitled to free school meals – alongside links to the relevant Ofsted and Good Schools Guide reports

Therefore, having a report when you are looking at a new home means you’re able to ascertain if residing at the property would have secured a place at the school in previous years.

How Can We Help?

It’s essential to receive all the necessary information about an area before moving there.

Since schools play such an important role in the location you choose, knowing whether your child is likely to get a place will give you peace of mind during your move.

A property report can tell you everything you need to know about potential schools, as well as more information about a chosen area. This includes crime rates, nearby planning applications and much more. Get your full report here.

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Last Updated: January 3rd, 2024