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Home Decorating Ideas On a Budget

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Home decorating can be a great way to breathe an extra lease of life into your property. However, it doesn’t always come cheap.If you’re thinking about renovating your home but don’t want to break the bank, there is help on hand. Here, we run through some of the best home decorating ideas which won’t cost the earth to give you a little inspiration for that renovation. Remember, a few small touches can go a long way.

Give your walls a much needed lick of paint

Sometimes the best ideas really are the simplest. If you’ve lived in your property for a number of years, there’s a chance that your walls could do with a refresh. Think outside the box with this one. A good interior design idea is to try adding bold colours to feature walls while keeping the rest of the room neutral. This can help places like your living room from feeling cold and uninviting. 

Top tip: If you’re looking to go bold with colours, try to accessorise your room in different shades of the same palette. For instance, if you’re opting for a cinnamon coloured feature wall, try adding a rug or cushions of similar brown / orange shades to give some depth to the room.

Add some greenery

Plants can really liven up any home and they can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be. Shop around and you can find some great bargains on house plants which will add extra flair to your home. Don’t be too concerned about the level of maintenance needed for this, just be sure to research what’s best for you. There are plenty of plants available which can be considered low maintenance and only need watering once a week. This is also a great tip for those looking to decorate their rental.

Add family portraits to your walls

This idea isn’t just great for livening up your walls but can give your house that personal touch which makes it feel like a home. Go through your pictures and find some candid shots of your loved ones. Frame these and hang them on your walls in a gallery style arrangement. Try playing around with where these are hung and the types of frame that would look best for your decor.

Show off your art

Got any budding artists in the family? Had paintings handed down or gifted by loved ones? Display these in all their glory as a statement piece that works as both a conversation starter and exciting addition to your home.

Consider adjusting room layouts

Most people keep the same room layouts they’ve had since they first moved in. That layout may even have been how they saw the previous tenant / owner organise the room. Think about whether a furniture layout will refresh a room. Sometimes, rearranging furniture can change a room from feeling cramped and cluttered to fresh and exciting.

Upcycle your old furniture

If your furniture has seen better days, don’t assume you have to buy replacements. Getting creative with a bit of paint and a little DIY inspiration can go a long way with upcycling furniture. The result can be something completely unique and exciting which truly portrays your personality. 

Upcycling furniture has become increasingly popular in the last few years which means that you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to do a good job. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials, blog articles and guides which can talk you through the process of adding a little spark into your tired furnishings.

Reconsider your storage options

This is particularly useful for bedrooms. Storage pieces can also be aesthetically pleasing. Swapping out storage options for something a little more creative can add that extra spark to a room which is crying out for a bit of renovation. Why not stack vintage suitcases in your room instead of keeping the unsightly plastic boxes you currently own?

Have a clear out

Again, we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel with this one, but it’s surprising just how effective it can be. Most people become attached to items which carry loose sentimental value or may have a purpose one day in the future. Try being hard on yourself and have an in-depth clean out of anything which you haven’t used for quite some time or doesn’t hold much value any longer. This will give you more space to play with and may even help to declutter your property too.

Additionally, when clearing out, have a think about what unsightly items you own. Do you really need them? Are they getting in the way and taking up precious space? Sometimes throwing items out can be just as effective as adding something new to a room.

Keep cables tidy

Our homes are littered with technology. Whether it’s TVs, games consoles, chargers, computers or internet routers, every room is likely to have something electrical in it (except maybe the bathroom). With electronics come cables and these can become really distracting from the overall aesthetic of your room if they’re not kept tidy. Look around your house and if you’re seeing plenty of untidy cables, consider taking the time to rectify this. There are plenty of cheap solutions to buy for this which will keep all of your cables together, tied behind a unit or device in a way that doesn’t feel messy. This can have quite a dramatic impact if done correctly.

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Last Updated: August 22nd, 2023