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Talking Property: Phil Spencer Podcast

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Founder of Move iQ, you might just recognise Phil Spencer from your TV screens. But, we’re here to tell you about something new.

We’re launching a podcast! Here, you’ll find tips, tricks and advice related to all things property. Whatever stage you’re at in the house buying process – there’s an episode for you.

Phil Spencer will be your host, sharing his knowledge to equip you with the tools you need.

Tempted to tune in? Here’s what to expect.

Why a podcast?

We’ve made it our mission to give a voice to those buying a home by ensuring they have everything needed for a smooth purchase. This is where our podcast for those buying a property comes in.

We’re here to change this! Buying a home can be scary and nerve-wracking, but the right guidance can make all the difference. It’s time to level the playing field.

Phil’s idea behind the podcast is that every home buyer has somewhere to go to access the information they need. We’ve also released a selling podcast and a renting podcast to help people every step of the way!

Why should you listen?

Ever wanted to find out Phil Spencer’s top tips and property secrets? Now’s your chance!

Here’s just a taste of what’s in store.

Jam-packed with knowledge

From the start of your journey to the end, the Move iQ property podcast has got you covered. Phil will be sharing inside information and handy hints to help you on your way.

The property market is constantly changing and can feel like a minefield. But, with our help, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tune in anywhere

Whether you’re travelling to work or relaxing at home, our podcast is available to listen to whenever.

Special guest

It won’t just be Phil Spencer in every episode! In season one, co-host Chris Ducker will be asking the questions every would-be home owner wants the answers to.

Chris is a regular podcaster, author, entrepreneur and virtual CEO with his own ‘Youpreneur’ movement.

Combined, Phil and Chris make for both entertaining and informative listening!

Episode guide – season 1

Here’s a sneak-peek at season one – no spoilers though.

Episode 1 – Want vs. need

Separating what you need and what you want when searching for your dream property can be tougher than expected. Episode one aims to make this a little easier.

Episode 2 – Getting prepared

Wondering how to start planning to buy a house? Make sure to tune in to episode two…

Episode 3 – Property shortlists

Narrowing down your search and building a property shortlist can be tricky, but, prompted by Chris, Phil’s on-hand with his advice.

Episode 4 – House viewings

Viewing a house is harder than it sounds, so Phil shares some top tips in episode four.

Episode 5 – Beginning negotiations

Unsure where to start when it comes to negotiating a house price? Phil is on-hand with some haggling advice.

Episode 6 – Explaining property conveyancing

Whatever stage you’re at in your home buying journey, having property conveyancing explained is always useful.

Episode 7 – When property buying goes wrong

Even with the right advice, buying a house doesn’t always run smoothly. Phil and Chris take a look at what to do when property buying goes wrong.

Episode 8 – Exchange and completion

What happens between exchange and completion? Answer: more than you might think! Make sure to listen to episode eight for a closer look.

Join our first time buyer campaign

We’re passionate about all thing property, and first time buyers often have it harder than anyone.

Contending with an ever-changing market and conflicting messages can be tough. This is why we offer guidance and help to first time buyers every step of the way.

In fact – we’ve decided to take this even further.

We’ve made it our mission to lower the age of first time buyers! To do this, we’re equipping hopeful homeowners with the tools they need to be successful. Step number one: having the right mindset.

Want to join us in our campaign? Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Here you’ll find more of Phil’s top tips – in video form.

Tuning in to our podcast

Tempted by the sound of our podcast? You can listen on a variety of different channels, including:

Be sure to let us know your thoughts over on Move iQ’s Twitter!

Last Updated: July 23rd, 2021

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