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Home Sweet Home: How Photos Help You Sell Your Property

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Nowhere is the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ truer than in the housing market.

In fact, photos can make or break a house sale.

The pictures of your house are the only way you can convey the value and desirability of your property to a potential buyer.

If you’re still unconvinced, or need some tips on how it’s done, here’s some more information on how photos help you sell your property.

The importance of photos of your property

Buyers will decide in less than three seconds if your property piques their interest. Remember, when it comes to selling, first impressions count!

With a thousand other properties just waiting to be discovered on the enormous property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, your home needs to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re selling your home privately, it’s likely that, without pictures, it won’t attract much interest. 

The right picture will catch a potential buyer’s eye, while the wrong photo will put them off completely. Give yourself the opportunity to show off your home!

Tips for selling with pictures

So, clearly, selling your home with pictures has countless advantages.

But, how can you make the most of this opportunity to attract buyers?

Love at first sight

The first photo that prospective buyers see should be the best bit of your home! The key is to grab their attention straight away.

Whichever room or feature of your property you choose, it should demonstrate the appeal of living in your home.

If you don’t know what your property’s best feature is, think back to when you purchased the place. What was it that first caught your eye? If it worked for you, it’s likely it will work for the next buyer.

Try and put yourself in the mind of the buyer. Attractive rooms are often spacious, light and well-decorated. Ensure the picture you choose makes people want to look further.

Less can be more

Don’t make the mistake of including a photograph of every room in your house on the website.

You don’t want to give buyers a full tour of your house, rather, you want to whet their appetite. Ensure you’ve enticed them enough that they come and view the house for themselves.

Keep them intrigued and wanting to find out more!

Quality over quantity

If you don’t think the pictures do your property justice, neither will a prospective buyer. So, ensure the photos show your property looking its best.

If you have to have the photos taken again, then so be it. ‘Good enough’ isn’t sufficient in this current, highly competitive property climate.

The photos need to be able to hold court on their own, and shout about what a great property you have for sale, when you aren’t there to do it for them.

So, don’t simply use the first photos you take. If they aren’t good enough, keep trying until they are. If you’re proud of your home, don’t let poor-quality photos let you down!

Do some decluttering

It may sound obvious, but decluttering before taking a photo is essential!

A dirty or messy property will put buyers off instantly. So, ensure all bins are emptied and beds are made!

Clean your house both inside and out, ensuring you pay close attention to detail.

Remember, you’re trying to encourage them to buy. Try seeing your home objectively, from an outside perspective. Would you buy it?

De-personalise your home

Buyers will want to see themselves in your home. So, while it’s nice for a home to look ‘lived-in’ to an extent, it’s important to de-personalise it as much as possible.

Set the scene for buyers, presenting your home as a blank canvas for them to put their mark on:

• Remove dirty dishes from the sink 
• Remove all personal items, such as children’s toys 
• Remove family photos
• Store away excess furniture

The trick is to make your home look enticing. Potential buyers should think they can move straight in and live there.

The photos need to reflect what the house could be for the potential buyer, not what it is currently.

Spruce it up

Redecorate your home where possible!

If any parts of your home are looking tired or outdated, spending a small amount of money doing them up will go a long way.

Chips in woodwork, cracks in plaster or mouldy grout in the bathroom will be noticed by someone looking to buy your home.

Show your house at its best

It may sound obvious, but you’re trying to show off your home.

So, know what information you want the images to give to a buyer. What do you want them to take away from your photos?

Essentially, you want the photographs to show a light, well-lit space. So, take the photos on a bright day and keep the lights on. You don’t want the pictures to appear dark and gloomy.

Have the photographs convey the most important elements and features of the room. This could be: 
• The built-in storage 
• The great views
• The open-plan kitchen
• An eye-catching feature, such as a fireplace

Whatever unique selling points your home has, make sure the photos you take do them justice.

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Last Updated: January 3rd, 2024

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