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End of Tenancy Guide | Podcast S2E5

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Season 2 Episode 5

The end of a tenancy can mean one of two things; either the tenant has decided to leave or the landlord has issued an eviction.

One scenario is obviously much better than the other, but both these options call for similar actions to be taken at the end of a tenancy.

Tune into this episode to hear Phil and co-host, Chris Ducker, discuss how tenancies can end and what you should do when this happens. Chris asks Phil about tenant’s rights when evicted and what actions to take before leaving the property.

If you want to learn how to get your deposit back and ensure you’ve got a great reference in your corner when it comes to securing another rental property, you really don’t want to miss this episode of Move iQ.

Why tune in?

Listen in to find out:

  • What procedures landlords must follow before serving notice to vacate
  • The difference between Section 21 and Section 8 notices
  • How to get your deposit back and a guide to deductions
  • Settling deposit disputes
  • What to do with your bills and post following the end of a tenancy
  • How to get that glowing landlord reference

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Last Updated: July 14th, 2023

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