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Buying and Selling A House | Podcast S3E6

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Season 3 Episode 6

Selling a house is hard enough. Throw buying a new one into the mix and it’d be understandable if you felt overwhelmed. Buying and selling a house means that you’re likely to get involved in a property chain.

Property chains can be complicated things at the best of times and when they stretch beyond a few buyers, it can feel very fragile.

This is because you can only know one degree of separation from yourself in the chain, so you are left with many unknowns and a lot of questions!

For all the unknowns, ifs, buts, maybes, and confusion, Phil Spencer and his co-host, Chris Ducker, have some timeless tactics that can save you a lot of stress. Whether it’s knowing how to build momentum or acting with a little empathy, our resident experts share their thoughts on what you can do to make being in a property chain easier.

Why should you listen?

  • Understand what a property chain really is
  • How far you can and should reasonably look ahead
  • How to manage the uncertainty of being in a slow-moving property chain
  • Whether there really is a ‘best time’ for moving
  • How to manage the fear of selling without a place to move to
  • Why communication and momentum are your two best friends

Want more information on buying a house?

Season 3 of the Move iQ Property Podcast is all about selling houses. But, if you’re in a property chain, that’s only covering half the information you need!

We’ve gone through everything you need to know about buying a property in Season 1. So, if you’re after expert advice from Phil and Chris on buying a home, take some time to listen to Season 1 of the Move iQ Podcast!

Learn more about navigating property chains

Property chains can be complicated and difficult to navigate. So, if you’re after a quickfire guide to managing a chain and want to find out what to expect, how you can keep your part moving, and what you can do if it all goes wrong, take a look at our Property Chain guide.

Free and useful tools for sellers

All the best tools for movers are available for you in the selling section of the webiste.

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Last Updated: October 15th, 2021

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