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Self Storage Units: Get Your Free Online Quote

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Sometimes we just don’t have enough space at home to house all of our possessions. This is especially true if you’re renting, downsizing, or moving house with particularly large and bulky possessions that don’t fit in your home. 

If you need to keep your possessions in self storage units, click the button below for an online quote from Safestore – the UK’s largest self storage provider.

Free Self Storage Quotes

What is a Self Storage Facility?

Self storage enables you to store your goods or possessions in storage units located throughout the UK. 

Safestore is the UK’s No. 1 choice with 123 self storage facilities nationwide. Their storage solutions are perfect for personal use, students and business customers alike. Safestore covers Central London and the Greater London area, and popular cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and beyond. 

With this level of coverage, you’ll be sure to find a storage unit near you.

How Self Storage Access Works

Self storage space is a fairly simple concept.

  • You pay to store your items in a rented space (storage unit) available from one of Safestore’s many stores located around the country
  • You have 24-hour access* to your self storage unit 
  • You can choose from a range of sizes to best suit your needs, whether you need a smaller unit or a large
  • You can rent Safestore facilities for as long as you need

*not all storage stores offer this service

Types of Self Storage

Regardless of your needs, there is a storage solution for personal use; for students; and for business customers.

Self Storage to Help with Moving

Decluttering when you’re moving house is often advised to help make your home more presentable and attractive to prospective buyers.

Decluttering is not always easy when it comes to large, heavy items, and storage in London homes is at a premium, for example, so it might be that you simply do not have the space to store anything out of sight.

In these instances, self storage facilities are the ideal solution. Since you can store your possessions for as long as you need, it will also help you on moving day as it’s ideal to store furniture temporarily!

Self Storage to Help when Renovating

Perhaps you’re about to renovate your home and need to store your furniture to clear some space? 

If you’ve run out of space to store items in your garage or loft, then renting a self storage unit might be the ideal solution. If you want to keep your furniture safe and clean without having to face your dining table and chairs in your living room for the next several months, self storage units are definitely worth considering.

Also, if you’re a student and don’t have enough space in your student accommodation, or perhaps you’ve decided to go travelling and need to store your possessions somewhere secure – cheap self storage solutions could be just what you need.

Storage Unit Sizes

If you’re using a self storage unit for the first time, it can be difficult to know what size you need. The size of the unit you choose will affect your overall self storage cost, so it’s worth getting it right.

Whilst a 10 sq ft locker might be ideal for student storage, a 75 sq ft room can house the contents of a small 1-2 bedroom apartment.

If you’re struggling to decide what size storage unit is best for you, Safestore’s staff can help you figure out exactly the right size to suit your needs. 

And, the good news is that you can increase or decrease the size of your unit whenever you need!

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

Self storage prices can vary and will depend on key criteria, such as:

  • the number of items you need to store (the size of storage unit you require)
  • how long you wish to rent a storage facility
  • and the location of your chosen storage unit (storage prices are often more expensive nearer major cities, for example, self storage in London)

The quickest way to find out the cost of self storage is to fill in the form above to get a free, no-obligation quote from Safestore.

Prices per square foot per year can start from as little as £16.45* based on your chosen store location.

*price does not include Vat or insurance

What’s Included in the Self Storage Price? 

Services will vary depending on the location of your storage unit. However, you can expect the following when you rent self storage with Safestore:

  • Sole access to your unit
  • Self storage access 24-7*
  • Free use of trolleys or forklifts to load and unload
  • 24-hour CCTV
  • Free on-site parking*
  • Undercover loading bays

*not all stores offer these services

Do I Need Insurance?

When using Safestore’s storage units, you will need to arrange your own insurance cover for the belongings you wish to store. 

Safestore has different levels of cover if you choose to insure your possessions through them. If you prefer, you can arrange insurance for your self-storage unit with a third-party provider. 

Self Storage Units Near Me

Safestore is a leading provider of self storage facilities in London and across the UK. With 123 locations covering all major cities, you can be sure to find a self storage facility in a town near you. 

How to Pack Your Unit

Packing your self storage unit is a relatively straightforward task. But, with some strategic planning, you can utilise the space to its full potential, which could mean you need a smaller unit than you expect and save yourself some cash!

If you want to make packing your unit a simple task and make the most out of your facility, follow self storage packing tips from the experts themselves.

Flexible and Secure Services

Self storage is flexible and secure and with storage units located around the country, it is easy to find and access a unit near to you. You can store almost anything in a unit as long as it’s not perishable, live or flammable. 

Some units might have a minimal rental period, but there is no maximum period so you can store your possessions for as long as you need.

Click on the orange button below, to get your free, no-obligation Safestore quote today!

Free Self Storage Quotes