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How Much Does a House Survey Cost?

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It’s recommended you get a house survey done before you buy a house, but how much does a house survey cost? A property survey typically gets done after your offer has been accepted. This is to avoid nasty surprises later down the line that could be expensive to fix. The costs of a house survey depends on the type you get. So, let’s take a closer look. 

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House survey costs and types* 

There are many types of property survey, each with varying degrees of depth. 

  • RICS Condition Report – £250
  • RICS HomeBuyer Report – £400+
  • RICS Building Survey – £450+
  • Building/full structural survey – £600+
  • New build snagging survey – £300+

*These fees are provided as a guide only and are estimations to help guide budgeting. They’re also subject to VAT, so don’t forget to add this cost

How much does a RICS Condition Report cost?

This is the ‘lightest’ option and therefore the cheapest. It identifies:

  1. Potential problems/risks
  2. Legal issues
  3. Urgent defects 

Usually it costs around £250, most suitable for new builds, properties under 5 years old or conventional homes in a good condition. It will not contain any advice should any problems be found, nor does it provide a valuation. 

How much does a RICS HomeBuyer Report cost?

This survey is the next level up, with costs starting at around £400. However, this can vary depending on property size, type and location. It will help find any structural issues inside and outside, such as:

  1. Damp
  2. Subsidence
  3. Dry rot 
  4. Issues with the roof

It’s best suited to conventional properties in a reasonable condition that aren’t deemed ‘high risk’, as it won’t look beyond the floorboards or walls. For example, this could mean properties under 50 years old.

How much does a RICS Building Survey cost?

These are usually best suited to older properties, or ones you’re planning to renovate. It’s a detailed report that highlights a range of issues, what you can do about them and maintenance options. For this reason, it usually costs around £400-£500. Again, this can vary depending on the property, namely its size. 

How much is a building or full structural survey?

This is the most detailed and comprehensive survey you can get. It’s suited to any type of property, but best for older homes, or those in need of renovation work. For this reason, it costs upwards of £600. These can be in the thousands depending on the property itself, but it can be worth the extra money, as some issues can be costly to fix if they go undetected.

New build snagging survey

New build doesn’t mean ‘problem-free’! A new build snagging list can highlight a range of problems, which developers should fix before you move in. These independent inspections usually start at around £300. 

How much is a mortgage valuation?

It’s important to be aware that a mortgage valuation is not the same as a survey. It’s about assessing the lender’s risk, and the security of their loan. It won’t highlight structural issues with the property. 

Usually, you’ll pay for these, with costs varying from £150-£1,500. 

Is a house survey worth the money? 

Stay, negotiate, or walk away? A house survey can help you decide.

It’s recommended you get a survey not just for peace of mind, but it may well save you money in the long-term. For example, some structural issues like subsidence can be extremely costly to fix. It’s better to find out sooner rather than later, as it could be a nasty surprise later down the line. 

What’s more, a survey can be a good haggling tool. For example, you could negotiate the house price lower should it uncover anything that will be expensive to fix. 

How does house value affect survey cost?

The cost of a house survey will depend on many factors, including property value and location. 

For example, for a home costing £600,000-£700,000, a full structural survey can cost around £1,100. Meanwhile, for a property costing £200,000-£300,000, the same survey is usually around £800. The average UK property price is currently £268,000 in England, as of April 2021.

Other house survey costs 

Should your surveyor find any issues with the property, they may well recommend other types of surveys, such as:

  • Damp survey – £150+
    • For properties with serious damp issues, this can tackle the problem. Usually starts at around £150 but can be upwards of £300
  • Dry rot – £200+
    • Again, prices vary, and can be over £400. These will provide a deeper inspection should your surveyor find dry rot

How to find a surveyor 

We can help you find local surveyors, all RICS certified. All offer a price promise, and can help you avoid costly, nasty surprises later down the line.

It takes only a matter of minutes to get connected. Get a survey quote below. 

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Last Updated: January 19th, 2024