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Moving Into a New House Checklist: Moving Day & Beyond

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Has the moving date finally arrived? This is said to be one of the most stressful experiences ever, so let’s make things easier. Here’s a moving into a new house checklist.

Moving into a new house: step by step

  1. Do a sweep
  2. Decide what’s going where
  3. Take meter readings
  4. Find the fuse box
  5. Set up utilities 
  6. Deep clean
  7. Change the locks
  8. Redirect post
  9. Notify local authorities
  10. Register to vote 
  11. Make it a home

Moving home checklist – how to get packed

Getting prepared in advance is a good idea, as it will make moving into your new home much easier.

Moving with children in tow? Try and keep a section of a room free for them to play in or to entertain themselves while your house is packed up around them.

Prioritise what you’ll need most urgently; pack essential items from each room into a box or bag, and clearly label them so the removal men don’t touch them.

Decide what to pack and what not to pack

Wondering how to pack for moving house? Start as early as possible. Pack your valuables yourself and ensure they stay with you at all times!

Pack toiletries, towels, loo paper and any other items to see you through your first 24 hours in your new property. Leave the rest for the movers.

Keep all key documentation to hand just in case.

Find out if you need insurance

Consider insurance for your possessions in transit – you’ll usually only be covered if using an official moving company.

If you don’t need it, this can help you save money when you move!

Get organised with labels

Put linen and bedding that you will require for the first night in clearly marked boxes or bags.

Can’t take it with you? Let the removals team know that it needs to be placed next to a bed when it is unloaded at the other end.

Consider refreshments

Pack your kettle, tea bags, cups and milk.

Include any food and crockery that will see you through your first 24 hours, or at least the first morning in your new house, such as breakfast, crockery and cutlery.

Pack basic cleaning products

Remember cleaning products. You’ll want to give your new home a quick clean before you unpack, as the previous owner’s standards of cleanliness might not match yours.


  • A couple of cloths
  • Polish
  • Surface cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • A hoover
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Bin bags

Be clear with the removals team

When the removal team arrives to pack up your old house, take them round the house and let them know exactly what is coming with you and what isn’t.

Once the removals team has loaded up the van, do one last sweep of your old house, with the removal team leader, to make sure nothing has been left behind. This is your responsibility, not theirs.

Remember to take meter readings

Note down or take a picture of, readings for all the meters: gas, electricity and water – you’ll need these to close your accounts at this address.

Turn the thermostat down and turn off the water heater, you don’t know when the next people will move into the property. If you have a property logbook make arrangements to hand this over to the new owner.

Secure the property

Check all windows and doors are locked and secure before you leave.

Drop off the keys

If you’re not likely to see the new owners of your old home to hand over the keys, you will need to drop all your sets off with your estate agent.

List of things to do on the day

On the morning of the big day you’re going to be pretty busy:

  • Check in with your solicitor to ensure that you are on track and that all money will be sent when it’s supposed to be
  • Ensure there’s space outside of your property for the removal van to park
  • Double check the mover’s inventory so that everything you expect them to move is included. Ensure you aren’t left with any last minute, nasty surprises
  • Check you have the removal team’s contact details and they have yours
  • Unsure what to do with any items you don’t want to take with you? Consider taking them to a charity shop or re-homing them elsewhere

Download our FREE moving day checklist

There’s a lot to think about when you arrive at your new home! To help you out, we’ve created a handy Moving Day Checklist. To download your copy – sign up for Free!

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What to do when you get to your new home

Picked up the keys? Follow this moving checklist to when you get to your new property:

Label the rooms

Stick labels on all the doors of the new property, labelling what each room is, so that the removals team know where each box is to go.

Check your possessions

Ensure all of your possessions have arrived and that nothing is broken. If anything is broken, make sure you flag it up with the removals team before they depart.

Many insurance companies won’t cover you unless you use a professional removal service. Note: check if you’re covered, possessions in transit may not come under your home insurance. 

Do a sweep of your new property

Check that everything specified in your purchase contract is in your new home. Make a note of anything missing so you can inform your solicitor and they can follow-up on it for you.

Take meter readings

Check that all the facilities are working: water, electricity and gas. Note down the meter readings for all of these as soon as you arrive, you don’t want to have to pay for someone else’s usage.

Sort out your utilities

Call your utility companies and inform them you are the new occupiers of the property. Also, remember you can switch providers if you believe you’re paying too much.

Switch Energy Supplier

Change the locks

One of the jobs you should consider before doing before anything else is changing the locks. You have no idea who has keys to your new place, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Locate the fuse box

Locating the fuse box when moving in is important, but so easily forgotten in all the commotion! Also, make sure you’ve got all the manuals for your new home or the property log book if one is on place.

Use a post office redirection service

Ensure you get mail to your new address, by redirecting it through the Royal Mail’s service

Notify local authorities

Who needs to know you’ve moved? Update your address for the following:

  • Council tax 
  • Inland revenue
  • Employer
  • National Insurance 
  • Department of Work & Pensions (if receiving money from the government)
  • Credit cards

Electoral register

Ensure you register to vote at your new address too.

Make it a home

Prioritise what renovation work needs doing first (if any) and work out how to budget for it. A home improvement loan is one way to pay for it, but there are other options, such as savings or credit cards.

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Want a smooth house move?

When it comes to moving day, enlisting the help of a professional removals company will help the process run much more smoothly. You can focus on your moving home in the knowledge that your belongings are being looked after, and are fully insured. 

We can help you find the right company. Quickly and easily get removals quotes below. We only work with the best box shifters in the country!

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Last Updated: January 26th, 2024