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How to Future Proof Your Home

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You’ve found your forever home, whether it’s somewhere you’re soon to move to or a property you’ve been living in for some time, when the feeling comes you’ll know it. Whatever stage of your life, if you’re confident that you want to stay in your current property for an extended length of time (maybe even for the rest of your life), your thoughts may soon turn to how suitable it will be for the future.

Innovations in energy efficiency, new technologies and designs will come and go. Despite this, there’s is a lot that you can do to ensure your home is future-proofed. From large renovations to small improvements, here’s how you can ensure there’s true longevity to your property.

Consider long-term storage options

When thinking about future-proofing your home, storage needs to be a key consideration. It’s not simply enough to ensure you have enough storage options for the belongings you own today, it’s important to think long term. As consumers, we accumulate more possessions over time. Not only this but our family dynamics may change too. Extra space for storage will become a welcome addition to your home.

You may think that it’s a tough task to add extra storage to your home, but the trick here is to get a little creative. Look for void spaces in your home, how can these can be used to your advantage? What does the space under your stairs look like? Have you thought about building drawers into your stairs? What about the space under your bed?

Extra storage will be invaluable in the long-term and can really make the difference between a cluttered home and one that’s well-kept.

Think sustainability and energy efficiency

The world is moving towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of living. This trend is only going to continue as we do our best to limit our impact on the environment. It can be easy to get tempted to add renewable energy sources to your home when looking at the trajectory of sustainable living trends. Having said this, these changes can be expensive and technologies in these fields are only going to improve over time.

In the immediate term look at more achievable sustainability improvements like boosting the energy efficiency of your home. There are a whole host of improvements you can make to reduce heat loss and ensure your home’s running at a low carbon performance.

Here are just a few of the changes you can make to improve your home’s energy efficiency today:

  • Add double glazing
  • Replace old external doors
  • Add loft insulation
  • Ensure your boiler is up to date
  • Use a green energy provider
  • Add smart heating controls
  • Switch to LED lights
  • Update your appliances to more energy efficient alternatives

Energy efficiency improvements won’t just future proof your home, they’ll also make it more comfortable and reduce your utility bills.

Think about your layout

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that remote working is a viable alternative to office-based jobs. Many experts have cited that businesses have also taken note of how well employees have taken to working from home and are more willing to allow this as an alternative to the traditional working environment. 

To future proof your home, if you allow for a flexible layout your home can be remodelled to make for a comfortable and effective home office.

This isn’t just the case for professional work either. Flexible living space can also allow areas for hobbies, a nursery, guest bedroom, storage and more. Being able to easily switch up your living space to cater to your needs at any time is a great advantage to have when considering the future.

Consider how your family dynamic is likely to change over time. For instance, if you plan on having children, you may wish to consider how this will impact your existing living space.

When planning your property’s flexible layout consider all options. Is there enough storage space? Can you add a garden room to use as an office or kids play area?

Want more ideas on how a flexible layout can future proof your home? On the Move iQ podcast, Phil Spencer explains how getting your home to multi-task might just be the answer, while also giving some much needed guidance on making your home happier.

Technology and innovations

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and we’re beginning to see the emergence of smart systems incorporated in the home. From smart heating controls that allow you to set the temperature in each room individually, to video doorbells that allow you to speak to guests from your phone. Technology designed for homeowners is a growing market and this trend is only going to increase. If you’re looking to future proof your home, it’s worth leaning into these trends as opposed to avoiding them.

Innovation doesn’t stop there! The internet of things is not a new phenomenon, and many of our homes already have everyday interconnected appliances. It won’t be long before your fridge will be able to order your everyday essentials and have them delivered when it senses you’re running out.

It may seem like science fiction but it’s not as far away as you think. These types of appliances are already on the market (albeit still quite expensive). As this tech becomes more commonplace we can expect it to become more affordable and more widely used.

Thinking about incorporating new innovations and technologies into your home is the very definition of future-proofing your property. It may just make life a little more convenient for you too.

Improve wiring 

Sticking with the theme of technology, albeit in a far less awe-inspiring tone. Let’s talk about wiring. As we begin to incorporate more technology into our homes, the issue of wiring becomes a notable one. Older properties are not wired for the technology we use today. From fibre optic internet to the number of plug sockets available to you, if you’re thinking about future proofing your home, consider taking some time to improve its wiring.

Regular maintenance

Here’s the golden rule, and one which can be easily overlooked when discussing future-proofing a property, regular maintenance is key. The longevity of property really does come down to its upkeep. 

Issues are bound to happen, that’s just a fact of life. Ensuring any issues which arise in your home are solved quickly and by a reliable professional is key. This way you’re less likely to cause lasting damage to your home. 

Regular deep cleaning also goes a long way in helping your home to last the test of time. Take your time with this and do it room by room. Take good care of your garden too. These are simple ideas but some of the most effective. Future-proofing your home really comes down to taking the right care of it in the long run.

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Last Updated: August 22nd, 2023