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Are Bills Included in Build to Rent Developments?

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The Build to Rent (BTR) sector is rapidly growing, providing a new wave of rental homes that are specifically built for renters looking for quality, professionally managed homes. Although currently a relatively small sector in the UK housing market it is gaining momentum. Naturally many prospective renters are curious about the offerings of these developments. Including whether or not utilities and other bills are included in the rent. So, are bills included in build-to-rent developments? Let’s take a look.

Are bills included in Build to Rent?

Having bills included when you rent in a Build to Rent development really depends.

Each scheme is unique, with different operators and developers offering varying packages. Some developments may include utilities and other amenities as part of the rent, while others may require tenants to pay separately for these services.

When considering renting in a development built for renters, it’s essential to ask the property manager about the specifics. Including the details of any utilities or services included in your monthly rent.

It’s also crucial to read the rental agreement thoroughly and ensure you understand what you are responsible for paying.

Benefits of renting with bills included

This a great option if you want to simplify your living expenses and have a better understanding of your monthly budget. The main advantages to this are:


You only have to make one monthly payment for your rent and utilities, instead of having to pay multiple bills to different utility providers. This can be a major convenience if you want to simplify your finances and save time on bill payments.

Predictable costs, easier budgeting

All-bills-included apartments offer predictable costs. This can be an advantage if you’re on a tight budget or want to avoid unexpected expenses. With utilities included, you can plan your expenses more accurately and avoid any surprises that may come with fluctuating costs. You can allocate your remaining funds to other important expenses, such as groceries or savings.

Less stress

If you’re new to renting and unfamiliar with setting up utility accounts or managing utility bills, then renting an all-bills-included apartment can be less stressful.

Disadvantages of renting with bills included

While renting with all-bills-included has its benefits, there are also several disadvantages to consider too:

Higher rent

You could end up paying higher rent as the operator will need to cover the costs of utilities and other expenses.

Limited control over utility usage

When utilities are included in the rent, other tenants may have less concern or control over their usage and be less mindful of conserving energy or water. This can lead to wasteful consumption and higher bills for the landlord, which may ultimately result in higher rent for you.

You could also be paying for utilities you may not be using, for example if you’re at work all day or on holiday.

Less flexibility

As you don’t choose your utility provider you won’t be able to take advantage of other promotions or discounts available to individual utility customers.

Should I rent in a Build to Rent with bills included?

Overall, it’s important you carefully consider the pros and cons of renting a bills-included apartment before signing a lease agreement. Don’t be afraid to ask about the specific terms and conditions of the lease and clarify any uncertainties you may have before putting pen to paper.

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Last Updated: March 27th, 2023

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