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Single Family Homes | A Popular Build-to-Rent Option

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Everyone wanted out of cities during the pandemic as they looked to escape from their confined apartments. It led to record numbers of people leaving large cities in what was essentially the race for space. Since Covid, however, homeowners and renters are heading back to the city. But not everyone is leaving. This is where single-family homes come into play.

They offer a more spacious and private living experience than more typical build-to-rent apartments. But what is single-family housing, and how does it work? Here, we break it down to bring you everything there is to know about single-family homes.

What is a single-family home?

A single-family home is a standalone property designed for one family (or person) to live in. Unlike an apartment block with multiple flats, a single-family home isn’t attached to multiple properties and usually has its own outside space.

They tend to be larger than other types of build-to-rent properties, providing more space for families to spread out and make their own. Single-family homes are standard in the United States but aren’t as well known here in the UK (yet).

Is a single-family home part of build-to-rent?

Build-to-rent has evolved to become all-encompassing, providing a variety of home types. Within its portfolio are single-family homes, which are built specifically for renting and offer an additional type of housing on the private rental market.

They operate similarly to a traditional build-to-rent property but are standalone. Therefore, popular build-to-rent amenities like gyms and lounges aren’t as common in single-family homes. You do, however, receive professional management and other aspects, such as flexible contracts when living in a single-family property.

Is a single-family home a house?

Yes, to put it plainly, a single-family home is a type of house. Specifically, it is a standalone house intended for one family to live in. That’s not to say you can’t live there as a single person or couple, but most single-family homes are built with families in mind.

Where do you find most single-family homes?

You’ll find single-family homes everywhere across the UK, especially as more are built to cater for demand. The build-to-rent market is set to account for 8% of all rental properties by 2032, and single-family homes will make up a portion.

Currently, they are prevalent in suburban and rural areas, where there is more space to build standalone properties. Families are also more likely to venture outside larger cities looking for spacious options. That’s not to say single-family homes aren’t in urban areas – you’ll find them anywhere where there’s demand for homes. And right now, that’s pretty much everywhere in the UK.

What are the benefits of single-family homes over traditional build-to-rent properties?

Single-family homes offer many benefits for renters. Some may even be more appealing than traditional build-to-rent purpose-built properties with hundreds of apartments. Benefits include:

  • More space. Single-family homes typically offer better square footage than traditional build-to-rent properties, providing additional room for families to spread out and make the place their own.
  • Privacy. You can expect more privacy in a single-family home as it’s a standalone property. It’s less likely that you’ll share walls with other renters, especially in detached properties. Subsequently, you can enjoy a greater sense of privacy.
  • Outside space. Many single-family homes come with their own gardens, terraces and other forms of outdoor space. This is often a bonus and a great feature for households with children and pets.
  • Sense of community. Single-family homes are often located in neighbourhoods, which may provide a sense of community and belonging for renters. One of build-to-rent’s primary selling points is the increased community, which extends to single-family homes.

Should I move to a single-family home?

A single-family home may be an excellent option if you value privacy, space and having your own garden. But if you’re more of a city dweller who loves the idea of plush apartments with social spaces like a gym and cinema room, you may decide to stick with traditional build-to-rent homes. Ultimately, the decision depends on your circumstances and what you want in a rental property.

Our house, on the single-family street

Single-family homes are a smart option for renters looking for space, privacy and a garden. With the growing number currently in the construction phase, you can expect to see an increase in single-family homes, both in rural and urban areas. That’s great news for renters in general, who will have even more choices when it comes to where they live and the type of property they choose to call home.

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Last Updated: September 25th, 2023

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