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How to Ruin a House Deal in 10 Steps

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‘It’s not me, it’s the seller…’ Is this always the case?

When buying a home, many things can go wrong. While some of these will be out of your control, some of them aren’t.

But, it can be tough to know when you’re making a mistake. So, let’s take a look at what not to do. Here’s how to ruin a house deal in 10 steps.

Be uncommunicative

Everyone likes an uncommunicative buyer, right? Wrong.

The seller will need to know you’re serious about the house sale. One way to prove this is by being responsive; answering all correspondence and being easily contactable.

Failure to do so will cause the seller to look elsewhere. So, if you or your solicitor are bad with communication – you might find yourself struggling to buy a house.

Find a Solicitor

Drag your feet

In most cases, both buyer and seller will want to get to completion day sooner rather than later. Long, drawn out processes are something most people want to avoid.

Buyers who drag things out often find the deal doesn’t go their way.

While there are reasons why house sales can take longer, such as carrying out surveys and other necessary checks, some aren’t acceptable to sellers.

Taking your time because you’re still deciding between two properties, for example, is just one of these.

Fail to get a mortgage agreement in principle

How much can you afford? What’s your credit score? The most organised buyers know this before they start looking.

Check Your Credit Score

Having a mortgage agreement in principle demonstrates to sellers that you’re serious about buying a house. Failure to do so may make you appear idle.

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Make an unfair offer

While buyers often try to secure a property for the best price possible, a ridiculously low offer will simply be rejected.

What are similar properties selling for in the area? This can help you make a decision on how much to offer on a house.

Insult the property

While major issues, such as structural damage, are important to raise with the seller – you may want to keep some opinions to yourself.

When viewing a house, there are many things you should be doing. This includes everything from looking at neighbouring properties to the exterior of the home. However, don’t insult the property, its asking price or the seller’s choice of decor!

This will only serve to make the seller defensive.

Don’t ask for a second viewing

If you’re serious about a house sale, ask for a second property viewing! It always helps to see the home at a different time, as you may notice something you didn’t the first time.

Sellers will notice whether or not you ask to see the property again. Those who don’t will appear less serious about the sale.

Express more interest in another property

Buyers who display genuine interest in a particular property are much more attractive than those who don’t.

Don’t give the seller any reason to think you aren’t serious about the sale!

Expressing interest elsewhere will make you appear as though you’re timewasting.

Mislead the seller

Why offer to pay cash if you can’t?

There are many ways that buyers can mislead sellers, but often this simply results in the house sale falling through.

Forget to study the property details

You should know how many bedrooms a property has before you go for a viewing. Suddenly realising it’s not as many as you wanted will only waste both yours and the seller’s time.

Avoid situations such as this by ensuring you’re aware of the property details!

Fail to research the area

How can you make an informed, educated decision when buying a home if you don’t do your research?

You should already know beforehand if you’ll enjoy living in an area. From transport links to local amenities, many factors can play a pivotal role in whether or not you’d enjoy living somewhere.

Demonstrating to the seller that you’ve looked into the area can prove you’re keen for the sale to go ahead. Let’s face it – this is what sellers are looking for! Comments about the surrounding area will be picked up on, and it’s a positive sign if they feel you can see yourself at home there.

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Last Updated: July 19th, 2021

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