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What’s a TA6 Property Information Form?

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When you’re selling your house, you’re required to complete a TA6 form, also known as the Property Information Form. This requires the seller to disclose detailed information about their property. It is an important part of the conveyancing process.

The role of the TA6 form in the conveyancing process

Material information includes all the details that could influence a buyer’s decision to purchase a property. The TA6 form now also includes this information about a property.

The TA6 form also provides essential property information that solicitors and conveyancers need to facilitate the conveyancing process when transferring property ownership from the seller to the buyer.

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What information does the TA6 form cover?

The Property Information Form is a comprehensive document that covers the following:

1. Boundaries

You must specify the boundary responsibility of the property for example, who is responsible for maintaining what. This helps prevent future disputes.

Knowledge of boundary responsibilities and any past or current disputes means buyers understand maintenance obligations and any potential legal issues.

2. Disputes and complaints

You must note any current or past disputes with your neighbours. This ensures potential buyers understand issues they may (or may not) inherit.

3. Alterations and planning

You need to provide information about alterations, building control or planning notices in full. If you have solar panels, include this information here.

This provides the buyer with information about potential changes that could affect the property value or their enjoyment of it.

4. Guarantees and warranties

Disclose things like roofing, damp proofing, or other repairs. Along with who undertook the work, when it was done, and the respective guarantees or warranties, which can provide financial protection.

5. Environmental matters

If there are any environmental issues affecting the property, such as flood risks or subsidence, then these should be specified. This provides insight into past issues that may indicate potential problems and affect a buyer being able to insure the property.

6. Insurance claims

You will need to specify whether you have insurance on the property and if not why. If you live in a flat, you will need to specify who is responsible for building insurance. In addition, you’ll need to note any insurance claims in relation to the property.

7. Rights and informal arrangements

You will need to highlight any public or private rights of way that affect your property as well as information about other rights or any informal arrangements you might have for example shared driveways or access.

This is crucial for buyers, so they are aware of any legal obligations and/or limitations on the use of the property.

8. Parking

Provide full disclosure on parking. Whether a permit is required for on-street parking, if you live within a specified parking zone, if you have an allocated parking space, a private driveway, a garage. Or if it’s local authority parking, and how to obtain permits.

9. Other key aspects

Include other relevant information about the property, from council tax, connected utilities, and other service charges that might apply, through to who currently occupies the property, such as owner occupier, tenant, or lodger.

FAQs about the TA6 form

Do I have to fill out the Property Information Form?

Yes, the TA6 form is a mandatory part of the home-selling process. It provides essential material information. This is important for potential buyers as it will help them make an informed decision.

What happens if I don’t disclose something on the TA6 form?

Deliberately failing to disclose information on the TA6 form misleads and breaches the contract. Any discrepancies can result in claims for misrepresentation so, it’s crucial to be thorough and honest when completing the form and to not leave anything out.

Can my estate agent fill out the TA6 form for me?

Your estate agent can’t fill out the Property Information Form, but they can provide guidance and support. The responsibility for completing the TA6 form accurately lies with you as the property owner.

Is the TA6 form the same for all properties?

Yes, you use the TA6 form for all residential properties in the UK. This is to ensure that information provided to potential buyers is consistent.

Other forms that are part of material information

In addition to the Property Information Form, several other documents are considered part of the material information. Some of the key forms include:

  1. TA7 – Leasehold Information Form: This document is used for leasehold properties and provides detailed information about the lease, such as the length of the lease, ground rent, service charges, and any restrictions or obligations.
  2. TA10 – Fittings and Contents Form: This form specifies what items are included in the sale of the property, such as fixtures, fittings, and contents. It helps avoid misunderstandings about what is and isn’t included in the sale.
  3. TA13 – Completion Information and Undertakings: This form provides information required to complete the sale, such as details of the buyer’s and seller’s solicitors, arrangements for the handover of keys, and any final checks or undertakings.

How an estate agent can help

If you’re struggling with filling in the Property Information Form, your estate agent will be able to assist by giving you step-by-step guidance on how to fill in the form.

Estate agents can also offer professional advice on how to handle complex situations, such as disputes or recent alterations, ensuring sellers present the information correctly.

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Last Updated: June 24th, 2024

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