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Do Gardens Increase Property Value?

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Whether you see mowing the lawn and weeding as a hassle or not, making improvements to the garden can be time and money well-spent. Research has shown that a well-kept garden can add as much as 20% to the value of your property.

Plus, having a garden can make your home attractive to a wider pool of buyers, such as young professionals who like to entertain, families, pet owners and retirees.

But, do gardens increase property value? Is spending money on improvements worth it?

Let’s find out.

Are buyers looking for properties with gardens?

A garden can be a major draw for buyers, particularly in urban areas where space is at a premium. This has been amplified by the impact of the pandemic and the search for space, where gardens form a key criterium for the best places to live.

A nationwide survey asked a group of 2,000 house buyers what their top wants were and 11% of them stated they wanted a private outdoor space, even if it was only a balcony. But, 12% stated that they wanted a property with a south facing garden.

Does an attractive garden make your property more sellable?

In a buyers’ market, viewers have the pick of properties and if you’re eager to sell your home you should think about presenting it in the best way possible, so it looks good online and in estate agents’ shop windows. Plus, research shows that homes which are ‘well-presented’ sell faster and for more money!

So, before you invite the estate agent around to take photos, carry out any garden updates that need doing such as clearing out sheds and garages and fixing any broken fences or gates.

It requires a lot of work – could be worth it when it comes to potential buyers.

Pros and cons of investing in a garden

While an attractive garden is a pleasure to look at and relaxing to sit in, keeping it in tip-top shape takes time particularly in the warmer months when plants grow quickly.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, in order to maintain a well-kept lawn, it needs to be mowed once a week in Autumn and Spring, with this increasing to twice a week in Summer.

For people who don’t have much spare time or who prefer a low maintenance outdoor space, the thought of having to look after a high maintenance garden could be a reason not to buy the property.

Yet, there are several reasons for spending money on your garden prior to selling your property:

  • An established garden means the new owner doesn’t have to spend money on plants or laying a new lawn
  • The garden immediately provides an additional outdoor living space for children to play in or for you to entertain friends and family
  • If the indoor space is small having access to a well-maintained garden can make the property feel bigger
  • Could increase the house price

What garden improvements can you do on a budget?

This needn’t break the bank!

Whether you have a large garden or a small outdoor area, there are plenty of budget conscious garden design ideas you can do to give your space a new lease of life.

Some of these include:

  • Repotting plants into new tubs or giving old and tired plant pots a lick of paint
  • Picking out weeds from paths or the patio
  • Painting fences or decking
  • Brightening up a patio area with good-quality hanging baskets
  • Fixing any broken gates or fences
  • Cleaning the patio or decking
  • Adding colour to borders with bedding plants
  • Attracting wildlife into the garden with a home-made birdfeeder
  • Lighting up the garden at night with colourful solar powered lights

What can you do on an unlimited budget?

If you do have unlimited resources to put into your garden design the options are endless on what can be done. These top tips include:

Hiring a landscape gardener

Why not enlist the help of a property expert?

A landscape gardener will take your vision and turn it into a stunning outdoor space that will wow any buyer. They will be involved in the design and planning of the garden, including choosing plants and trees and deciding where they should be placed and acquiring furniture and ornaments.

It’s easier than you think to find a tradesman in your area!

Find Local Tradespeople

Creating your own vegetable garden

Nothing beats making delicious dishes with ingredients that you’ve grown yourself. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow are tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and potatoes. If you want something simple to start you off, you can grow a selection of herbs such as mint, rosemary and thyme. These can also be easily grown in window boxes or in containers placed in windows which get a lot of sun.

Installing a summer house

If you’re short on interior space, installing a summer house is an easy way to add an extra room. In most cases, as long as the summer house is less than half the size of the garden, planning permission is not required. However, you should check this with your local planning officer first.

Plus, the multifunctionality of a summer house means the buyer can choose what they use it for, such as an office, a reading room, a playroom, a man-den, a painting room or as a gym.

This can significantly increase the valuation price.

Creating a wow factor with garden features

Make your garden irresistible to buyers with these unique garden features:

  • A brick-built BBQ or grill
  • An ornamental garden
  • A pizza oven
  • A flower-covered arbour
  • A fire pit
  • A stylish gazebo
  • A swimming pool

Having a neat and tidy garden is just one way to add value of your property.

From the front garden to the inside, we can help you spruce up every aspect of your house. Find our home renovation tips here in one place!

Last Updated: May 26th, 2022

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