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Seasonal Maintenance for Solar Energy Systems

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If you have solar panels or are considering having them installed maintenance should be a priority. Like any home maintenance, maintaining your solar energy system throughout the year is crucial for maximising its efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your investment. Here’s a seasonal guide to help keep your solar panels in top shape.

Why maintenance is important

Regular solar panel maintenance will help optimise energy production as well as extend its lifespan. Neglecting your maintenance can therefore lead to energy inefficiency, higher energy costs, and potential damage that could be costly.

Your seasonal guide to solar maintenance

Winter solar maintenance

Winter in the UK can be tough on solar panels and some areas will be worse than others. Given their position, they are right in the face of the elements from snow, ice and not to mention the UK rain.

Give the front-line position to our UK weather it’s worth checking for cracks or dislodgments in the winter months. Otherwise any damage can worsen, leading to significant repairs or panel failure.

Should there be a cold spell remove any snow or ice build-up if you can do so safely to ensure panels receive maximum light. Blocking daylight reduces energy production and could also cause damage.

Spring cleaning solar panels

Removing any debris by clearing away any leaves, dirt, or pollen that may have accumulated will help maximise light intake, efficiency and energy output.

Having a wiring inspection will ensure that all wiring and connections are intact after winter storms. This will help prevent energy loss, safety hazards and fire risks.

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Summer solar upkeep

To ensure you maximise our longer and lighter days in the summer months be sure to have your panels cleaned. Dust and bird droppings can significantly reduce efficiency.

Use monitoring software to track your energy production – in doing so you’ll be able to identify any drops in efficiency that could indicate something needs investigating with your solar system.

Autumn inspections and preparation

Preparing your solar system for the upcoming winter include things like trimming any nearby trees ensuring there aren’t any nearby branches that will drop their leaves or shade your panels. Getting ahead during the autumn months should help reduce any winter maintenance needs.

Also be sure to check the mounts and brackets that hold things in place. You want to be sure that everything above is secure to withstand our UK winter weather. It will also help prevent panel damage during storms, limiting costly repairs.

General tips for solar system inspection

Solar panels will have its pros and cons but given their complexity getting a professional check-up booked in at regular intervals will ensure everything is in optimal condition. Professional inspections can catch issues that might be missed in DIY checks.

For your own DIY maintenance, regularly check for any visible signs of wear and tear. Clean panels with appropriate solutions if you can. Neglecting these checks can lead to reduced system efficiency, higher costs, and potential safety hazards.

Seasonal solar energy systems maintenance

Ensure your solar energy systems operate efficiently all year round. Providing clean, renewable energy for years to come.

For more detailed tips on maintaining your home and increasing energy efficiency, check out our House Maintenance Tips & Checklist and Energy-Saving Home Improvements.


Last Updated: June 17th, 2024