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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell | Top Tips

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While talk of a slowing housing market might have some sellers wondering if it’s better to wait and see what happens, there will always be demand for homes. So, getting your home ready to sell is important whether you choose to wait or not.

A person’s need to move isn’t only dictated by whether houses are selling like hotcakes; it’s primarily down to personal circumstances, be it upsizing to start a new family or downsizing because the kids have flown the nest.

So, if you’re considering selling your home, there’s no time like the present. With that in mind, we’ve put this guide together with top tips for selling your home.

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When is a good time to sell my house?

Many sellers ask which months homes sell the fastest. Spring and summer are generally the busiest months of the year, but they aren’t the only times to sell your house.

The new year can be an excellent time to sell as there tends to be an influx of buyers looking to purchase a new home. In fact, property portals often report high search numbers on Boxing Day for people looking at available properties.

Not all of those searchers will go on to buy a home, but there’s likely a reasonable amount of intent there from future homebuyers. It also indicates that many look at the new year as a time for fresh beginnings, and there’s no better way to start a new chapter than by moving home.

Selling your house early in the new year or even before Christmas could mean you catch the market just as it’s heating up.

Tips for getting your home ready to sell

We’ve collected top tips for getting your home ready to sell. From decluttering to making the necessary repairs and selecting the right estate agent.


Remove any knick-knacks, photographs and other personal items that make the home look cluttered and lived in. When potential buyers view your home, they want to imagine themselves living there, and it’s hard to do that if the property looks a little too lived in. That’s not to say you need to depersonalise, but removing clutter and keeping it nice and tidy will go a long way to impress buyers who have arranged to view your home.


Deep clean the home, so it looks and feels fresh for prospective buyers. Most buyers decide whether or not to make an offer after only spending around 10 minutes in the property. You need to make that time count, and ensuring your home is sparking clean is the first step to impressing potential buyers.

Paint and upgrade

Paint the walls to give them a fresh cover and consider investing in some minor upgrades to make the home look more appealing to buyers. You don’t need to go all out but giving the walls a new coat will help the home feel more vibrant.

Make necessary repairs

Fix any minor maintenance issues or repairs that need doing before listing the home. This can include filling in small cracks or oiling the door to prevent squeaking. It may be worth hiring a professional tradesperson if any more substantial work needs doing, however.

Choose the right estate agent

When looking for an estate agent, it’s important to do your research by reading reviews, researching the agent’s qualifications and experience, and asking other people you know that may have used their services. You should also ask questions about what they offer while checking how long they’ve been in business. Agents that are proactive and demonstrate concrete steps for selling your home are more likely to provide a good service.

It also helps if they’re part of a professional organisation like Propertymark, as it typically ensures that agents will have suitable qualifications and are required to meet a higher standard of service.

What makes a good estate agent?
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Help speed up your property sale

You can potentially help speed up your property sale by gathering the relevant certificates and evidence in advance. Propertymark agents report that using their Property Information Questionnaire can speed up the property transaction time. Reducing this from around 12 weeks to 8 weeks.

Think carefully about the asking price

The best way to determine the price to sell your home involves getting a comparative market analysis from your local estate agent. This will indicate what homes in your area have sold for recently and help determine the best price to list your home at. Additionally, you can research current listings and recently sold homes in your area to better understand the local market.

What adds value to my house?

There are many things that can add value to a house, we’ve listed here 5 home improvements:

Getting your home ready to sell by making updates & upgrades

Investing in upgrades and updates to your home is one of the best ways to increase its value. Consider improving your kitchen and bathrooms, repainting and updating the interior and replacing outdated features.

Increase kerb appeal

Enhancing the exterior of your home is another way to increase its value. This could include landscaping, adding outdoor living spaces like a shed, and improving outdoor lighting. Even if you don’t upgrade the home, ensuring that your garden is in tip-top shape will increase the chances of getting a sale.

Add energy-efficient features

Adding energy-efficient features to your home is a smart way to increase its value. Consider installing energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances. These will help keep bills down, which will be an attractive feature for new buyers. Bear in mind, some properties will be more expensive to improve than others. You should always research or consult a professional about the costs and benefits of energy-efficient measures.

Refurb the property

While it’s one of the most expensive options, refurbishing your home can increase its value while providing prospective buyers with the ‘wow’ factor. Just make sure you stay within budget, and that refurbishing makes financial sense – e.g., you don’t overspend in relation to increasing the home’s value.

Update the plumbing and electrical systems

Not all refurbs are aesthetic. Replacing outdated plumbing and electrical systems can help increase your home’s value, so consider hiring a professional to ensure necessary upgrades to systems around the home.

After getting your home ready to sell

There’s never a wrong time to sell your home. As long as you take the proper steps to get your property sale ready, from hiring the right estate agent to giving it a good clean, you can successfully navigate the sale in a timeframe that suits you.

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Last Updated: November 22nd, 2023