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How to Make a Rental Property Your Own

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Even if you rent rather than own a property, you can still make your mark on it!

Of course, you won’t be able make any major renovations, such as painting the walls any shade you like. However, you have the freedom to add personal touches!

While you may be limited on options, there are ways around this. Here’s how to make a rental property your own.

Get creative with lighting

Overhead lighting doesn’t always create the ambience you’re looking for.

Well-spaced low-level lamps can quickly create a cosy atmosphere in any room.

Choose the bulb wattage according to the light’s use and location. Bright bulbs aren’t advisable for a bedside lamp, for example!

Use wall stickers or removable wallpaper

Wall stickers or removable wallpaper are a great alternative if you aren’t allowed to paint.

Both are designed to stick to the wall and peel off with ease. This makes them an ideal solution for anyone renting who wants to brighten up a room.

Add some freestanding furniture

Even if you’ve moved into a furnished property, the furniture may be minimal, allowing you space to add your own.

Nothing transforms a property into your own place quite like adding personal touches. Freestanding flexible storage units can be great functional features.

Rearrange a room

If your rental property is furnished, you don’t have to accept the room layout the way it is.

If you have the space, trial a few different layouts to see which you prefer. For open-plan spaces, think about ways of creating ‘zones’ with your furniture.

Invest in some foliage

A few houseplants are a great way to add a touch of colour and life to a room.

Some plants will thrive in a bathroom, by helping draw the moisture from the air. Mother-in-Laws Tongue is one such plant.

Utilise picture hooks

Use any picture hooks that may have been left behind! Hanging pictures or ornaments is a great way to liven up the interior of a room.

If there’s wall space you feel is ideal for hanging something, it’s best to check your lease to see if you’re allowed hammer nails into the wall.

If not, there are a broad range of adhesive hooks available.

Create a contemporary look  

To make a rental property your own, it’s important to like the décor! Try mounting a large piece of artwork. Or, place a mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall.

Also, propping up pictures on a mantelpiece or shelf brings a personal touch to your new home. 

Lay some rugs

Laying down rugs is a great way to update and personalise your floor space.

There are numerous patterns and materials to choose from, which all help to make the room homelier!

Invest in some cushions

Another simple way of sprucing things up is by liberally scattering some cushions.

There are plenty of homewares stores that have an affordable selection on offer.

When you fancy a change, simply switch the cover to create a new look.

Hang your own curtains

Be sure to carefully pack up any curtains that may belong to the property and store them out of the way. Ensure they don’t get damaged, as you will need to re-hang them once your tenancy ends.

You can use curtains as an effective way to personalise a room. Choose the best fabric for the natural light of the room and the ambience you want to create.

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Last Updated: August 11th, 2021