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How To Deck The Halls When Renting

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and all. But, if you live in a rental property, you might be faced with restrictions when it comes to festive decorating. So, how to deck the halls when renting?

Not being able to use pins, paints or other forms of decorations that leave a lasting mark needn’t be a bar humbug moment, though. There are ways to decorate your rental with Christmas decorations while keeping your landlord happy.

We’ve put together some top tips that will turn your rental home into an ode to Santa’s grotto without damaging the door frame, carpets, wood flooring, and walls. No hammers, no pins, and all the Christmas cheer you could hope for! Here’s a look at how to deck the halls when renting.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

We’ll let you in on a secret – you can still make your rental property your own, regardless of seasons. You don’t need any wall hangings to have a Christmas tree, which is the standout piece when it comes to Christmas decorations. By emphasising on your tree, the rest of the decorations can take a back seat.

Once Christmas is over, you can simply remove the tree without a trace it was ever there in the first place. Using a fake tree is probably your best bet, as it won’t leave any mess for you to clean up afterwards, but a real one is fine too.

Add your own colour scheme to give it a touch of personality, fill it with baubles, and don’t forget to wrap those fairy lights around the tree. Finish it off with a snazzy star or angel.

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The weather outside is frightful

Christmas conjures up thoughts of snow and Santa getting stuck halfway down the chimney. While a white Christmas might be fanciful here in the UK, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the coldest times of the year.

Use the outside chills as inspiration to create a warm, wintery feel inside your home. Accessorise to give your place an even cosier feel, making it a home that even Santa would be hard pressed to leave.

Get some Christmas-inspired cushions for your sofa and throw a blanket or two over your bed, transforming your rental home into a winter wonderland in the process.

How to deck the halls when renting: light up your Christmas

If there’s one item that says ‘Christmas’ more than anything else, it’s got to be a scented Christmas candle. And you can make your rental home feel especially Xmassy with a Christmas candle – or five.

Get some winter scents creating an Christmas aura around your home by placing candles on your dining table, coffee table, and in your bedroom. You place will look and feel like a quintessential Christmas pad in no time at all. 

You can even buy fake candles if you don’t feel like lighting a real one. There are plenty of Christmas options out there that provide the same effect as a real one.

How to deck the halls when renting: make your home ornamental

Who says you need to pin decorations to the walls or hang things from your doorway so it feels like Christmas? If you find yourself restricted around your rental home, buy some Christmas ornaments to jazz up the seasonal vibes. Taking care of your rental property is important, but there are ways to find a happy medium. 

From Santa’s snow truck to snowman LED lights, there are plenty of ornament ideas out there to inspire you. Choose a Christmas reindeer or get a miniature Santa statue to sit next to the Christmas tree.

Ornaments are a cost-effective way to decorate your home without any of the hassle of pinning things to the wall or create long-lasting damage that won’t go down well with the landlord. There’s no risk of deposit deduction disputes involved with ornaments!

Wreaths and outside Christmas charm

You don’t need to limit your decorations to the interiors of your rental home. Whether you’re living in a house or apartment, there are things you can do to the outside that will add to the Christmas vibes.

Adding a wreath to your front door really adds to the Christmas feel. If you don’t want to pin one up, you can always improvise and add a couple of tags with an Christmas message on them.

If you’ve got outside space or a balcony, think about adding a miniature Christmas tree and, or maybe even some lights. Using any outside space available can really take your Christmas decs to the next level.

The making of a Merry Christmas

Being a good tenant doesn’t mean there’s a need to cancel Christmas. With a splash of creativity, you can decorate your rental home and make it so that all your friends and family want to come round just so they can feel those Christmas vibes.

From a centrepiece Christmas tree, to ornaments and winter decorations, make this festive season one to remember with the best decorations in town.

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Last Updated: January 3rd, 2024

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