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How to Be a Good Tenant

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Have you ever looked at the world of renting from the landlord’s perspective? The property you are currently inhabiting is their investment.

If you adhere to your tenancy agreement and uphold your tenant responsibilities, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a good relationship with your landlord. Here are six tips on how to be a good tenant.

Pay your rent on time

This is the most fundamental aspect of renting.

If you want to continue to live in the property, you must pay your rent on time.

If your landlord has to constantly chase you for the rent, you’ll quickly be viewed as unreliable and you’ll be in breach of your tenancy agreement. This could result in you getting yourself evicted from the property.

Most future landlords will run credit checks on you as part of their tenancy screening. As well as this, they’ll have sought a reference from your previous landlord. This is to verify that you can afford the property, as well as ensuring that you’ve never fallen into rent arrears in the past.

Therefore, not paying your rent can create problems for future tenancies also.

Maintain the property to a satisfactory standard

Keep any furnishings that come with the property clean and well-looked after. Report any significant damage or issues as soon as they arise, so the landlord can arrange to get things fixed. 

This not only benefits you, but it also indicates to the landlord that you’re really looking after their property.

Be communicative and honest

If you’re having financial troubles and are struggling to pay your rent, it’s advisable to talk to your landlord at your earliest opportunity rather than allowing the situation to escalate.

Be honest and upfront about damage or issues with the property. The landlord will want to maintain the property as much as you want to live in a safe, secure home. If you want to change something, ask!

Report all damage immediately

Normal wear and tear are inevitable in any home, but if there’s any accidental damage you should report it straight away.

Nothing good will come from trying to hide any damage from your landlord. You’ll always be found out, and you could be penalised financially for it – or even evicted.

It’s your sole responsibility to report all repairs that are required. You could find yourself liable for paying for them if you don’t report them and allow further damage to occur.

The landlord can only respond to what they are aware of!

Allow the landlord access

You have the right to live in your rented property without constant intrusion by the landlord.

However, allowing them appropriate access for maintenance will be necessary to get things fixed.. This may require you to be present at the time.

Don’t break the terms of your lease

There are many clauses to a lease, as well as provisions for how the property can and cannot be used. Read your lease and be aware of all such clauses, so you don’t face any issues further down the line.

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Last Updated: July 21st, 2021