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How to Renovate a Garden

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Outside space is a valuable commodity in any home and can add more to the asking price, especially if presented to a high level. Gardens, in particular, are in demand right now, with an increasing number of buyers looking for a spot of green in a post-Covid world. But how do you renovate your garden to give your home an upgrade and add value? We’ve got some top tips on how to renovate a garden, let’s take a look.

Don’t disregard everything that’s already there

It’s tempting to rip it up and start again during a renovation project. When it comes to gardens, however, starting from scratch may not always be necessary. Plants, for example, can take decades of neglect without being permanently damaged. It might be that you’ve got some lovely roses and other plant types to work with. 

The garden may also have the right shape already, giving you a template to work on. Before deciding on a total renovation, look at what’s already in place (even if it has been overlooked) and see if there’s a blueprint that can help bring your new garden plans to life. 

Get researching 

There are many ways to renovate a garden, which is why it’s helpful starting with some research. Visit garden centres, local public gardens, and even garden shows to see how professional setups look. It’s also worth stopping by your friends’ houses to see how they’ve decorated their outside area. 

You’ll also need to consider the garden size and how you want it to work for you. Will it be a space to entertain? An area for the kids? Or, will there be a grass and patio space? Try sketching some ideas and making a mood board, taking inspiration from magazines, Instagram and Pinterest to get the look of your dream garden.


Before you get too carried away, you’ll need to think about the budget and how you plan on implementing the changes. If your budget is at the higher end of the scale, you might decide to hire a landscaper and a team to undertake the renovations. 

If, however, you’re looking to renovate your garden for less, a DIY approach could be more suitable. On average, garden renovations cost between £5,000 and £10,000, though it can go higher depending on the project’s scope or lower if you’ve got a small outside space

The garden layout

The garden needs to fit with the style of your house and you’ll want to make the most of your outdoor living space, so that’s another consideration worth taking into account. Its size also plays a significant role in shaping the garden renovation. 

Look at the space and think about the presentation, from where the plants will go to the overall style of the garden – will it be neat and geometric with straight lines and hedges, or do you prefer a more relaxed look? 

Some other aspects to consider for your garden renovation include:

  • Paths and patios
  • Laws
  • Hedges and fences
  • Walls and boundaries
  • Lighting
  • Out-buildings
  • Areas for trees, shrubs and pots
  • Water features and ponds
  • Specific areas, such as dining and playing

It’s unlikely that all of these features will make it into your garden. But it’s worth considering them in respect of the size of the garden, the budget you have for the renovation plans and also the ongoing maintenance of your newly renovated garden.

What should my garden include?

Entertaining space

A garden is so much more than an outside space. In the spring and summer, it’s somewhere to entertain. Think about including a deck, patio or gazebo, as these types of structures help you enjoy the garden all year round. 

Attract wildlife

Your garden is essentially a part of nature, so it’s worth considering local wildlife. You can add a birdbath or feeder, which look nice sitting in the garden and attract birds. It’s also worth adding some trees and shrubs that attract butterflies, such as hawthorn, holly and bramble. 

Hard landscaping features

Hard features help break up the garden and contribute to the overall look. From water features to stone walls, these settings can help define different areas of the garden and offer something different to your layout. 

Should I hire a landscaper?

Your skillset and design ambitions will go some way to deciding if a professional landscaper is necessary. Hiring a landscaper removes the stress and adds a professional touch, as they can help with your garden’s layout, aesthetic and general appearance while helping you maximise space. You can find a local landscaper below:

However, suppose you’re working to a tighter budget and are happy and confident about taking on the planning yourself. In that case, you could save a fair amount without using a landscape and expect costs to be at the lower end of the average spend. 

Renovating your garden

A garden renovation is a great way to update what may have become a tired area of the home, giving your house an entirely new lease of life in the process. On top of that, it could add significant value (between £10,000 and £15,000) to your property should you decide to sell. And with these renovation tips, you can ensure your garden is a part of your home that makes you proud. 

Last Updated: March 14th, 2023